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SubjectRe: [PATCH] pio: add arch specific gpio_is_valid() function

--- On Mon, 9/6/10, Ryan Mallon <> wrote:

> > The intent of my patch was to keep gpio_is_valid
> simple, but add
> a simple check for architectures where the base gpio is not
> zero. Will
> wait and see what David has to say.

NAK still. You're trying to abuse gpio_is_valid(),
which I see no need to support.

In terms of GPIO framework architecture, zero is
the first GPIO in all cases, and is always
a valid GPIO number, even if it's not
requestable/swritable/readable on a given board.

Whether it's usable on a given platform depends
on whether a GPIO controller is registered which
claims numbers 0..N ... (assuming gpiolib in use).

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