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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/27] Nested Paging Virtualization for KVM v3 (now with fixed Cc-List)
On Mon, Sep 06, 2010 at 02:37:33PM -0400, Avi Kivity wrote:
> On 09/06/2010 06:55 PM, Joerg Roedel wrote:
> > (Now with correct Cc-list. I accidentially copied the wrong line from
> > MAINTAINERS in the first post of this. Sorry for the double-post)
> >
> > Hi Avi, Marcelo,
> >
> > here is finally the third round of my NPT virtualization patches for KVM. It
> > took a while to get everything running (including KVM itself) on 32 bit again
> > to actually test it. But testing on 32 bit host and with a 32 bit hypervisor
> > was a very good idea. I found some serious bugs and shortcomings in my code
> > that are fixed now in v3.
> >
> <snip>
> > This patchset applies on todays avi/master + the three patches I sent end of
> > last week. These patches are necessary for some of the tests above to run.
> >
> > For the curious and impatient user I put everything in a branch on
> > If you want to test it you can pull the tree from
> >
> > git:// npt-virt-v3
> >
> > Please review and/or apply these patches if considered good enough. Otherwise I
> > appreciate your feedback.
> Very impressive patchset. It's broken out so finely that the careful
> reader gets the feeling he understands every little detail, without
> noticing you've introduced recursion into the kvm mmu.

Thanks :-)

> Please also post a unit test that checks that nested page faults for l1
> ptes with bad NX, U, W, or reserved bits set are correctly intercepted
> and reported. W should work already if you tested nested vga, but the
> rest are untested during normal operation and pose a security problem if
> they are incorrect.

Okay, I'll write a test for all these cases.


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