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SubjectRe: commit f6be75d03c88 broke qemu-system-mips64.
On 09/04/2010 03:54 PM, Rob Landley wrote:
> linux-2.6.33 booted mips64 to a shell prompt, and 2.6.34 didn't. The above
> commit is the one that broke it, and if you revert it the result boots again.
> To try it yourself, download this mips64 system image:
> Extract it, cd into it, and "./".
> You'll need QEMU installed. Note that Ubuntu's qemu package is actually
> kqemu, and doesn't support any non-x86 targets. You need to install
> "qemu-kvm-extras" to get _actual_ qemu. I don't know why they broke this.
> Once you've confirmed it used to work, replace the zImage-mips64 file with a
> vmlinux built using the attached .config and ./ again. If you
> build f6be75d03c88 it fails, but f6be75d03c88^1 works. If you build 2.6.35
> but revert the f6be75d03c88 patch (all one line of it), it works. If you don't
> revert it, v2.6.35 is still broken.
> Rob

Has anybody tried it on a real 64-bit Malta? Perhaps the emulator is

Rob, did you try to debug it at all? Where is it going off into the weeds?

David Daney

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