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Subject[RESEND/PATCH 0/6] USB: musb-gadget: bug fix
This patch set fixes two kinds of musb-gadget bug:

-fix kernel panic if using out ep with FIFO_TXRX style

-make double buffer mode usable, fix infinate hangs and buffer
corrupt bug when using double buffer mode to do data transfer;
now we can use musb double buffer reliably, so bootst performance
about 30% compared with single buffer mode.

[RESEND/PATCH 1/6] USB: musb-gadget: fix kernel panic if using out ep with FIFO_TXRX style(v1)
[RESEND/PATCH 2/6] USB: musb-gadget: fix bulk IN infinite hangs in double buffer case
[RESEND/PATCH 3/6] USB: musb-gadget: enable autoclear for OUT transfer in both DMA 0 and DMA 1
[RESEND/PATCH 4/6] USB: musb-gadget: fix DMA length for OUT transfer
[RESEND/PATCH 5/6] USB: musb-gadget: complete request only if data is transfered over
[RESEND/PATCH 6/6] USB: musb-gadget: fix dma length in txstate

Lei Ming

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