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SubjectBisecting radeon kms freeze bug: Almost there, please help with choosing next commit

Hello Alex and und Dave,

please excuse typing errors. The machine is abysmally slow with that

I am almost there with bisecting Bug 16376, random - possibly Radeon DRM
KM related - freezes. I think I found the merge where is issue has been
introduced and I am now testing

bisect/linux-2.6> git log | head
commit 6ad86c311a8b8a6d856527a1b6ba21790ab7054b
Author: Alex Deucher <>
Date: Thu Feb 11 10:47:52 2010 -0500

drm/radeon/kms: remove HDP flushes from fence emit (v2)

r600_ioctl_wait_idle() now handles this.

v2: update blit fence counts

Unfortunately it has some other issues that has been fixed later on prior
to 2.6.34 already:

7.9.2010 - 2.6.32-tp42-00514-g6ad86c3
- Sluggy desktop. Short pauses, locks of about a second.
- Slow scroll performance on tty.
- No complete freeze yet.
- Much CPU time used in system:70-90%

You know the changes in that merge better than me. Can you recommend which
commits to test next? Som commits may require other ones and thus it might
be wise to choose the next commits with that in mind. Maybe you already
have an idea which one it could be. I thought about the memory controllr
v2 changes, but I really don't have the foggiest.

Here is excerpt from atop which shows ridicully high system CPU usage with
that kernel.

ATOP - shambhala 2010/09/07 16:11:22 10 seconds
PRC | sys 8.66s | user 1.30s | #proc 195 | #zombie 0 | #exit
0 |
CPU | sys 85% | user 11% | irq 4% | idle 0% | wait
0% |
CPL | avg1 3.39 | avg5 3.80 | avg15 3.25 | csw 18458 | intr
11472 |
MEM | tot 2.0G | free 543.1M | cache 759.6M | buff 95.0M | slab
37.8M |
SWP | tot 3.8G | free 3.8G | | vmcom 1.3G | vmlim
4.8G |
DSK | sda | busy 3% | read 1 | write 95 | avio 2
ms |

I wrote by mail since bugzilla has too many MySQL connections again. Maybe
bug can be switched to mail?

Rebooting and testing this kernel another time whether it hard freezes,
Martin 'Helios' Steigerwald -
GPG: 03B0 0D6C 0040 0710 4AFA B82F 991B EAAC A599 84C7
# bad: [64ba9926759792cf7b95f823402e2781edd1b5d4] Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
# good: [60b341b778cc2929df16c0a504c91621b3c6a4ad] Linux 2.6.33
git bisect start '64ba9926759792cf7b95f823402e2781edd1b5d4' 'v2.6.33'
# skip: [d3ae8562d43fe2b97d605dd67dc67bf8fa9b956a] usb: host: ehci: fix missing kfree in remove path also
git bisect skip d3ae8562d43fe2b97d605dd67dc67bf8fa9b956a
# good: [8bd93a2c5d4cab2ae17d06350daa7dbf546a4634] rcu: Accelerate grace period if last non-dynticked CPU
git bisect good 8bd93a2c5d4cab2ae17d06350daa7dbf546a4634
# skip: [5be796f0b842c5852d7397a82f8ebd6be8451872] USB: ch341: use get_unaligned_le16 in break_ctl
git bisect skip 5be796f0b842c5852d7397a82f8ebd6be8451872
# good: [6430a5987f8bb9a7c5187b343956aa8ef404d571] sh: Don't perform an icbi on a P2 address
git bisect good 6430a5987f8bb9a7c5187b343956aa8ef404d571
# skip: [0534d46848990e8eed7cd0832d745d813e827261] USB: consolidate remote wakeup routines
git bisect skip 0534d46848990e8eed7cd0832d745d813e827261
# good: [fad93fdb14f13e7b869a878c0fba3b6e0f91e0b6] V4L/DVB: STV0900 Cut 3.0 AGC2 fix for NetUP Dual DVB-S2-CI card
git bisect good fad93fdb14f13e7b869a878c0fba3b6e0f91e0b6
# skip: [cedf8a78421943441b9011ce7bcdab55f07d2ea6] USB: backlight, appledisplay: fix incomplete registration failure handling
git bisect skip cedf8a78421943441b9011ce7bcdab55f07d2ea6
# good: [2581b1434ccba6960e0b671927d87c83b5152c9d] b43: N-PHY: implement and add multi-dimensional table writing
git bisect good 2581b1434ccba6960e0b671927d87c83b5152c9d
# skip: [3a90f81872b00a7526c2bb1ed7664fe5af727f39] USB: usblp: Remove checks no longer needed with the new runtime PM system
git bisect skip 3a90f81872b00a7526c2bb1ed7664fe5af727f39
# good: [3a86e1807a53b7164c4ca2aec538d8a5d15416f1] pcmcia: do not use resource manager on !PCMCIA
git bisect good 3a86e1807a53b7164c4ca2aec538d8a5d15416f1
# skip: [124d255382ddd37ffa920e9f5183efa54bbfe4f2] USB: pl2303: remove unnecessary reset of usb_device in urbs
git bisect skip 124d255382ddd37ffa920e9f5183efa54bbfe4f2
# skip: [124d255382ddd37ffa920e9f5183efa54bbfe4f2] USB: pl2303: remove unnecessary reset of usb_device in urbs
git bisect skip 124d255382ddd37ffa920e9f5183efa54bbfe4f2
# skip: [9fc950d322380dda8e9bc8debe89766085e7a0eb] USB: cxacru: check device isn't being removed during sysfs calls
git bisect skip 9fc950d322380dda8e9bc8debe89766085e7a0eb
# skip: [124d255382ddd37ffa920e9f5183efa54bbfe4f2] USB: pl2303: remove unnecessary reset of usb_device in urbs
git bisect skip 124d255382ddd37ffa920e9f5183efa54bbfe4f2
# skip: [a880830e48e6fb7694de76ebb4a6c6bb0800f758] USB: ftdi_sio: remove obsolete check in unthrottle
git bisect skip a880830e48e6fb7694de76ebb4a6c6bb0800f758
# skip: [04b922c41710d770460c4663f69eabb0bf670be9] USB: ftdi_sio: remove unused tx_bytes counter
git bisect skip 04b922c41710d770460c4663f69eabb0bf670be9
# skip: [019ccc73201e933fe7d8119c90a812d347e325f9] USB: qcaux: driver for auxiliary serial ports on Qualcomm devices
git bisect skip 019ccc73201e933fe7d8119c90a812d347e325f9
# skip: [67b9946dd07eeef8188e4cab816d2c370bcaa7b2] USB: pl2303: initial TIOCGSERIAL support
git bisect skip 67b9946dd07eeef8188e4cab816d2c370bcaa7b2
# skip: [ac7d4ca9e0b27d7705d273f17afd29828db35ee6] USB: option: add Longcheer/Longsung vendor ID
git bisect skip ac7d4ca9e0b27d7705d273f17afd29828db35ee6
# skip: [8740cc7d0c532e098cc428251c08befd14f087d8] USB: fix I2C API usage in ohci-pnx4008.
git bisect skip 8740cc7d0c532e098cc428251c08befd14f087d8
# skip: [47cb17089c059d24e5da03f2b44ee3a089075b78] USB: usbmon: mask seconds properly in text API
git bisect skip 47cb17089c059d24e5da03f2b44ee3a089075b78
# skip: [444dc54c28740d90cb2d5f38e8163bcb46c5a885] USB: sisusbvga: no unnecessary GFP_ATOMIC
git bisect skip 444dc54c28740d90cb2d5f38e8163bcb46c5a885
# skip: [3756c7c091f4ca8bcaf89ee3855a326d69209716] USB: storage: onetouch: unnecessary GFP_ATOMIC
git bisect skip 3756c7c091f4ca8bcaf89ee3855a326d69209716
# skip: [46b72d78cb022714c89a9ebc00b9581b550cfca7] USB: serial: ftdi: add CONTEC vendor and product id
git bisect skip 46b72d78cb022714c89a9ebc00b9581b550cfca7
# skip: [1f87158e44e79e62c8250f278c225ce4ab695f4b] USB: remove references to port->port.count from the serial drivers
git bisect skip 1f87158e44e79e62c8250f278c225ce4ab695f4b
# skip: [a108bfcb372d8c4452701039308fb95747911c59] USB: tty: Prune uses of tty_request_room in the USB layer
git bisect skip a108bfcb372d8c4452701039308fb95747911c59
# skip: [2832fc11f1360668482beec06dbcd631ae5f0cf1] USB: tty: Add a function to insert a string of characters with the same flag
git bisect skip 2832fc11f1360668482beec06dbcd631ae5f0cf1
# skip: [e4a3d94658b5760fc947d7f7185c57db47ca362a] USB: don't read past config->interface[] if usb_control_msg() fails in usb_reset_configuration()
git bisect skip e4a3d94658b5760fc947d7f7185c57db47ca362a
# skip: [b6a2f10ca045c9b0a4732c38485ad6ca1b663bf4] USB: tty: kill request_room for USB ACM class
git bisect skip b6a2f10ca045c9b0a4732c38485ad6ca1b663bf4
# skip: [67ccbd6f1af3025af3224be5c4f992aaf8811334] USB: tty: sort out the request_room handling for whiteheat
git bisect skip 67ccbd6f1af3025af3224be5c4f992aaf8811334
# skip: [5d3034ab8faea229942e79d867d18722d5375b12] USB: storage: fix misplaced parenthesis
git bisect skip 5d3034ab8faea229942e79d867d18722d5375b12
# skip: [6d61ae9112960a2b3ed3360602dfb3bfd357954f] USB: vstusb.c: removal of driver for Vernier Software & Technology, Inc., devices and spectrometers
git bisect skip 6d61ae9112960a2b3ed3360602dfb3bfd357954f
# skip: [cd780694920fbf869b23c8afb0bd083e7b0448c7] USB: fix the idProduct value for USB-3.0 root hubs
git bisect skip cd780694920fbf869b23c8afb0bd083e7b0448c7
# skip: [49d6271b85a3e18062eaf4d6f8d899abe00a7725] usb-storage: use max_hw_sectors instead of max_sectors
git bisect skip 49d6271b85a3e18062eaf4d6f8d899abe00a7725
# skip: [efe7daf2231a6beb59f0f641461d19fa62fb83ab] USB: OHCI: DA8xx/OMAP-L1x glue layer
git bisect skip efe7daf2231a6beb59f0f641461d19fa62fb83ab
# skip: [bdee2d8432f5af5af953896182a59ec1c5d6fa3a] USB: ehci: omap: Update TODO list in comments
git bisect skip bdee2d8432f5af5af953896182a59ec1c5d6fa3a
# skip: [9b43cffbbd3e9f77e16826513f26544cce3b5864] USB: ehci: omap: use default interrupt threshold
git bisect skip 9b43cffbbd3e9f77e16826513f26544cce3b5864
# skip: [bdb581bd6bd59a3303974977544d679d849214d1] USB: omap: ehci: kill 2 compile warnings
git bisect skip bdb581bd6bd59a3303974977544d679d849214d1
# skip: [b87c6e86dac1bb5222279cc8ff7e09529e1c4ed9] USB: serial: sierra driver indat_callback fix
git bisect skip b87c6e86dac1bb5222279cc8ff7e09529e1c4ed9
# skip: [7650cd9678df29b01d1e46a9d2ce7e5d8c72b3ce] USB: serial: sierra driver adding reset_resume function
git bisect skip 7650cd9678df29b01d1e46a9d2ce7e5d8c72b3ce
# skip: [05197921ff3dad52d99fd1647974c57d9c28d40e] USB: xhci: Fix finding extended capabilities registers
git bisect skip 05197921ff3dad52d99fd1647974c57d9c28d40e
# skip: [cceffe9348f93188d7811bda95924d4bd3040d0f] USB: remove debugging message for uevent constructions
git bisect skip cceffe9348f93188d7811bda95924d4bd3040d0f
# skip: [49d3380e3f1297ff7bdc700c0a7fe6c3a036b3ab] tty: Fix various bogus WARN checks in the usb serial layer
git bisect skip 49d3380e3f1297ff7bdc700c0a7fe6c3a036b3ab
# skip: [bd07c551aae5d2200c7b195142e5ba63f26424da] USB: cp210x: Add 81E8 (Zephyr Bioharness)
git bisect skip bd07c551aae5d2200c7b195142e5ba63f26424da
# skip: [efcbd3df079a6f8a8a2d5207c4e8429e02356c79] USB: Extend and neaten dbg macros
git bisect skip efcbd3df079a6f8a8a2d5207c4e8429e02356c79
# skip: [f45ba776da4fe6c9a9eddd42b0fd5d1f15c260f3] USB: Convert concatenated __FILE__ to %s, __FILE__
git bisect skip f45ba776da4fe6c9a9eddd42b0fd5d1f15c260f3
# skip: [759f3634267a67ac90f3fa7fc06510dfd43b4e45] USB: serial: Remove unnecessary
's from dbg uses
git bisect skip 759f3634267a67ac90f3fa7fc06510dfd43b4e45
# skip: [815e173e1d71742f1135fb4d4931e8115a3ca0ef] USB: ehci-dbgp: split PID register updates for IN and OUT pipes
git bisect skip 815e173e1d71742f1135fb4d4931e8115a3ca0ef
# skip: [5272098365514ab232fa6a695d58c3961fec6b7a] USB: serial: Add support for ViVOtech ViVOpay devices.
git bisect skip 5272098365514ab232fa6a695d58c3961fec6b7a
# skip: [640e95abdfae9fef5949084c92e80c8f2f8b5ec5] USB: atmel uaba: Adding invert vbus_pin
git bisect skip 640e95abdfae9fef5949084c92e80c8f2f8b5ec5
# skip: [90f7976880bbbf9968629500972f8e2f80401217] USB: Remove unsupported usb gadget drivers
git bisect skip 90f7976880bbbf9968629500972f8e2f80401217
# skip: [8e7e61dfbf1ec6418bf89505980b158a8d00d877] USB: f_mass_storage: fix crash on bind() error
git bisect skip 8e7e61dfbf1ec6418bf89505980b158a8d00d877
# skip: [2b626dc134d38d0001b98acf8c7293b6bc5ee86d] USB: cdc-acm: fix possible deadlock with multiple openers
git bisect skip 2b626dc134d38d0001b98acf8c7293b6bc5ee86d
# skip: [d7e18a9f2c506467ec7a9c066da45a0f60c6f5a6] USB: g_mass_storage: min(...) warning fixed
git bisect skip d7e18a9f2c506467ec7a9c066da45a0f60c6f5a6
# skip: [08e6c972da616d057b63fd3f89ce0eb539952f06] USB: musb: test always evaluates to false
git bisect skip 08e6c972da616d057b63fd3f89ce0eb539952f06
# skip: [db8516f61b481e82cec398474ed716d926de7f94] USB: isp1760: Flush the D-cache for the pipe-in transfer buffers
git bisect skip db8516f61b481e82cec398474ed716d926de7f94
# skip: [9714080d20f2ec4b671a06ce69367d91fa9e227e] USB: add new ftdi_sio device ids
git bisect skip 9714080d20f2ec4b671a06ce69367d91fa9e227e
# skip: [bd09a9f5318d0a088605911325d6e6e8530bdc9a] USB: ftdi_sio: Replace BKL with a mutex
git bisect skip bd09a9f5318d0a088605911325d6e6e8530bdc9a
# skip: [a79df50bbad3b58efb5f2c730ca20573a674de10] usb: gadgetfs: Convert semaphore to mutex
git bisect skip a79df50bbad3b58efb5f2c730ca20573a674de10
# skip: [b00ce11f00c9e86442de000e8bd3dd42f089c8e1] USB: g_mass_storage: superfluous and missing packets fixed
git bisect skip b00ce11f00c9e86442de000e8bd3dd42f089c8e1
# skip: [7f1ee82695654faf0a93fc0abf3b08eb354ef1f6] USB: mass_storage: eject LUNs on thread exit
git bisect skip 7f1ee82695654faf0a93fc0abf3b08eb354ef1f6
# skip: [9f445cb29918dc488b7a9a92ef018599cce33df7] USB: musb: disable double buffering for older RTL versions
git bisect skip 9f445cb29918dc488b7a9a92ef018599cce33df7
# skip: [0ded2f146acfaf71e5f4c15b80cf89b3af48134c] USB: musb: set version of Blackfin version
git bisect skip 0ded2f146acfaf71e5f4c15b80cf89b3af48134c
# skip: [5e23e90f33888769ffe253663cc5f3ea0bb6da49] USB: pxa27x_udc: Fix deadlocks on request queueing
git bisect skip 5e23e90f33888769ffe253663cc5f3ea0bb6da49
# skip: [fb088e335d78f866be2e56eac6d500112a96aa11] USB: serial: add support for serial port on the moschip 7715
git bisect skip fb088e335d78f866be2e56eac6d500112a96aa11
# skip: [f10718f5b812a2c55e37396518d426f88d5e35fc] USB: io_edgeport: eliminate get_string()
git bisect skip f10718f5b812a2c55e37396518d426f88d5e35fc
# skip: [5b520259ab6d661b8d5eb39dd17cc5e4e4553c62] USB: s3c-hsotg: replace deprecated dma_sync_single()
git bisect skip 5b520259ab6d661b8d5eb39dd17cc5e4e4553c62
# skip: [ab3bbfa1af64a978ffff45861a1b694313a03537] USB: musb: only print info message if probe() is successful
git bisect skip ab3bbfa1af64a978ffff45861a1b694313a03537
# skip: [da5108e1a350c84b185b5f11aa58fea93a204fe0] USB: musb: unmap base if we can't probe
git bisect skip da5108e1a350c84b185b5f11aa58fea93a204fe0
# skip: [3d268645d50989bc874fadf20db6fd6d17b380dc] USB: musb: tusb6010: use resource_size
git bisect skip 3d268645d50989bc874fadf20db6fd6d17b380dc
# skip: [c58bfa6b97731590e42cba6bd13829c4e480992f] USB: musb: deprecate what we don't use
git bisect skip c58bfa6b97731590e42cba6bd13829c4e480992f
# skip: [ad517e9ed8723363ebff0c5b413cbaa503aeb0ce] USB: musb: we already tested for dyn_fifo
git bisect skip ad517e9ed8723363ebff0c5b413cbaa503aeb0ce
# skip: [8573e6a673fc99bd89a6c08ef9841d8b52f9d3c5] USB: musb: get rid of omap_readl/writel
git bisect skip 8573e6a673fc99bd89a6c08ef9841d8b52f9d3c5
# skip: [4f712e010b2da1cc01c178922f2eb5aaeae461b6] usb: musb: Add context save and restore support
git bisect skip 4f712e010b2da1cc01c178922f2eb5aaeae461b6
# skip: [8af6096caf8b3fb7ee33e636c44a29f373d27df5] USB: remove obsolete config in kernel source (USB_HCD_DMA)
git bisect skip 8af6096caf8b3fb7ee33e636c44a29f373d27df5
# skip: [0880aef49e40abd1ed34ab713e8b024e8bc2021e] USB: usbfs_snoop: add data logging back in
git bisect skip 0880aef49e40abd1ed34ab713e8b024e8bc2021e
# skip: [0978f8c55cdc7c06b2f1440b030e93fda2c53b2b] USB: s3c-hsotg: Staticise non-exported functions
git bisect skip 0978f8c55cdc7c06b2f1440b030e93fda2c53b2b
# skip: [385f690bc058ba2555640740a1957826a40e4615] USB: trivial: missing newline in usb core warning message
git bisect skip 385f690bc058ba2555640740a1957826a40e4615
# skip: [330e3c4cc7179f9f3916cd147bf289467e16b169] USB: ftdi_sio: correct spelling in implementation file
git bisect skip 330e3c4cc7179f9f3916cd147bf289467e16b169
# skip: [0a2a37752e8c62f7bf160ad196c9384095d347fd] USB: ftdi_sio: correct spelling in header files
git bisect skip 0a2a37752e8c62f7bf160ad196c9384095d347fd
# skip: [a45a1e07aa5e4d3dc952c264f87184c5ac8c0a62] USB: serial: Eliminate useless code
git bisect skip a45a1e07aa5e4d3dc952c264f87184c5ac8c0a62
# skip: [aa7907407adf1358ee39be0e98beaf4c129a78d6] USB: gadget: Add DEVTYPE support for Ethernet functions
git bisect skip aa7907407adf1358ee39be0e98beaf4c129a78d6
# skip: [a8d4211f33a9573f7b1bdcfd9c9c48631d1515ee] USB: remove the berry_charge driver
git bisect skip a8d4211f33a9573f7b1bdcfd9c9c48631d1515ee
# skip: [2a9d0083f63da961a8cd4fdf9f4e8e6433c36966] USB: BKL removal from ioctl path of usbfs
git bisect skip 2a9d0083f63da961a8cd4fdf9f4e8e6433c36966
# skip: [9fd5c675864263e9f0e6bdb2d752bb380b32a01b] USB: BKL removal: frontier
git bisect skip 9fd5c675864263e9f0e6bdb2d752bb380b32a01b
# skip: [eedf1f17d40e24ae80007bcbe7b7e997c32995c8] USB: BKL removal: vstusb
git bisect skip eedf1f17d40e24ae80007bcbe7b7e997c32995c8
# skip: [3c02b1d79e04e86f8bd2ff56da3743c2980f3e34] USB: BKL removal: legousbtower
git bisect skip 3c02b1d79e04e86f8bd2ff56da3743c2980f3e34
# skip: [6248c52f6abd5783ecdd042f6107bd172168961e] USB: BKL removal: ldusb
git bisect skip 6248c52f6abd5783ecdd042f6107bd172168961e
# skip: [92846fbb861f64b9db21f06d6878ca02c67554dc] USB: BKL removal: ftdi-elan
git bisect skip 92846fbb861f64b9db21f06d6878ca02c67554dc
# skip: [937f7131d7ea7762851c89a410c83e1c4b393234] USB: BKL removal: adutux
git bisect skip 937f7131d7ea7762851c89a410c83e1c4b393234
# skip: [dbdae3bd4af15c32e3b5eb6e608c1e2ea751b07f] USB: BKL removal: idmouse
git bisect skip dbdae3bd4af15c32e3b5eb6e608c1e2ea751b07f
# skip: [511e2d0218d04f544065eb277ad475bf14881efe] USB: BKL removal: rio500
git bisect skip 511e2d0218d04f544065eb277ad475bf14881efe
# skip: [5a207b431174ecc8f995230d19c79242160b8888] USB: BKL removal: mdc800
git bisect skip 5a207b431174ecc8f995230d19c79242160b8888
# skip: [94015f6e6ba11040f75f4b42aada8de23965290e] USB: BKL removal: cdc-wdm
git bisect skip 94015f6e6ba11040f75f4b42aada8de23965290e
# skip: [0022457a5469d328219dfb1ea5bd89d076e28372] USB: BKL removal: usbtmc
git bisect skip 0022457a5469d328219dfb1ea5bd89d076e28372
# skip: [b92a97efe00cf4e3555585f40dbe96512bba8f95] USB: BKL removal: usb-skeleton
git bisect skip b92a97efe00cf4e3555585f40dbe96512bba8f95
# skip: [c8b492a86d71d43fb32e29282e6405663177b9e4] usb: BKL removal: usblp
git bisect skip c8b492a86d71d43fb32e29282e6405663177b9e4
# skip: [4e0961d53020b0fed83168d469ce44e1b3f25898] USB: isight-firmware: declare MODULE_FIRMWARE
git bisect skip 4e0961d53020b0fed83168d469ce44e1b3f25898
# skip: [01412a219cae5f75ced3aacf1cb56cbe386af9ce] USB: Reduce scope of BKL in usb ioctl handling
git bisect skip 01412a219cae5f75ced3aacf1cb56cbe386af9ce
# skip: [86266452f80545285c14e20a8024f79c4fb88a86] USB: Push BKL on open down into the drivers
git bisect skip 86266452f80545285c14e20a8024f79c4fb88a86
# skip: [f9de332ebf9df71892d52f7eb64af101a647349f] USB: Remove BKL from lseek implementations
git bisect skip f9de332ebf9df71892d52f7eb64af101a647349f
# skip: [063e20eb980f281d8456c3b48f146107f5cb2338] USB: Remove BKL from usbdev_open()
git bisect skip 063e20eb980f281d8456c3b48f146107f5cb2338
# skip: [554f76962d3a6eb5110415f1591aca83f96a84ae] USB: Remove BKL from poll()
git bisect skip 554f76962d3a6eb5110415f1591aca83f96a84ae
# skip: [08add0c780b9f5c35de49d83abb7a4e14a9cd457] USB: atm: Use FIELD_SIZEOF, trivial cleanup.
git bisect skip 08add0c780b9f5c35de49d83abb7a4e14a9cd457
# skip: [a74171005f2f6474e05bdfccb05c9f0d68224a49] USB: serial: option.c: Add 4G W14 stick to blacklist for option_send_setup
git bisect skip a74171005f2f6474e05bdfccb05c9f0d68224a49
# skip: [cc175ce2c01fc78dbf98a2b00f23d8863de20764] USB: serial: option.c: Add blacklisting infrastructure for special device handling
git bisect skip cc175ce2c01fc78dbf98a2b00f23d8863de20764
# skip: [79da01d79e0f2c8d2d6f1b823fce429877c423a7] USB: serial: option.c: Add chipset information for 4G W14
git bisect skip 79da01d79e0f2c8d2d6f1b823fce429877c423a7
# skip: [1ba2557f298a64af4419ca094c5ecf99dc775354] USB goku_udc: make PCI device id constant
git bisect skip 1ba2557f298a64af4419ca094c5ecf99dc775354
# skip: [07824d3d69e923a5173f9066469c81d83c8d6eab] USB gadget: make Open Firmware device id constant
git bisect skip 07824d3d69e923a5173f9066469c81d83c8d6eab
# skip: [c4386ad07c318ae6188190e63b517ecc5ee3c883] USB host: make Open Firmware device id constant
git bisect skip c4386ad07c318ae6188190e63b517ecc5ee3c883
# skip: [1e927d96cb5db0851cc5b9031f476b12a3e05182] USB hub: make USB device id constant
git bisect skip 1e927d96cb5db0851cc5b9031f476b12a3e05182
# skip: [33b9e16243fd69493be3ddda7be73226c8be586a] USB misc: make USB device id constant
git bisect skip 33b9e16243fd69493be3ddda7be73226c8be586a
# skip: [9052127f631c8d71d5149da08d48014283faff2f] USB image: make USB device id constant
git bisect skip 9052127f631c8d71d5149da08d48014283faff2f
# skip: [7d40d7e85a25e01948bcb4dc3eda1355af318337] USB serial: make USB device id constant
git bisect skip 7d40d7e85a25e01948bcb4dc3eda1355af318337
# skip: [6ef4852b1326301f6e9657e99b2c3221be1a3a44] USB class: make USB device id constant
git bisect skip 6ef4852b1326301f6e9657e99b2c3221be1a3a44
# skip: [1bd4f29d0af5b4b1c022d8fded14665dd5932905] USB skeleton: make USB device id constant
git bisect skip 1bd4f29d0af5b4b1c022d8fded14665dd5932905
# skip: [94089d56e456d2814c379538919180957a254e4a] USB: musb: don't dereference NULL tusb_dma in dma_controller_destroy()
git bisect skip 94089d56e456d2814c379538919180957a254e4a
# skip: [f7410ced7f931bb1ad79d1336412cf7b7a33cb14] USB: Move hcd free_dev call into usb_disconnect to fix oops
git bisect skip f7410ced7f931bb1ad79d1336412cf7b7a33cb14
# skip: [d23356da714595b888686d22cd19061323c09190] USB: fix crash in uhci_scan_schedule
git bisect skip d23356da714595b888686d22cd19061323c09190
# skip: [9bbdf1e0afe771ca7650f9f476769310bee9d8f3] USB: convert to the runtime PM framework
git bisect skip 9bbdf1e0afe771ca7650f9f476769310bee9d8f3
# skip: [0c590e2361511997430130e10e372217c1128da6] USB: rearrange functions in driver.c
git bisect skip 0c590e2361511997430130e10e372217c1128da6
# skip: [5899f1e020c8d53b2b6fbd6a6cf39c891ccdfade] USB: change handling of negative autosuspend delays
git bisect skip 5899f1e020c8d53b2b6fbd6a6cf39c891ccdfade
# skip: [088f7fec8a0e683db72fd8826c5d3ab914e197b1] USB: implement usb_enable_autosuspend
git bisect skip 088f7fec8a0e683db72fd8826c5d3ab914e197b1
# skip: [0c4db6df915bc470f0cd32fe48287fa6eb6adfb4] USB: use the device lock for persist_enabled
git bisect skip 0c4db6df915bc470f0cd32fe48287fa6eb6adfb4
# skip: [0534d46848990e8eed7cd0832d745d813e827261] USB: consolidate remote wakeup routines
git bisect skip 0534d46848990e8eed7cd0832d745d813e827261
# skip: [62e299e61a6ffe8131fa85a984c3058b68586f5d] USB: change locking for device-level autosuspend
git bisect skip 62e299e61a6ffe8131fa85a984c3058b68586f5d
# skip: [0f3dda9f7ff2db8dbf4d6fbab4d4438251446002] USB: rearrange code in usb_probe_interface
git bisect skip 0f3dda9f7ff2db8dbf4d6fbab4d4438251446002
# skip: [d837e219daf3bf0cc84fcfb9781807d9fe8d03b5] USB: Use bInterfaceNumber in bandwidth allocations.
git bisect skip d837e219daf3bf0cc84fcfb9781807d9fe8d03b5
# skip: [46216e4fbe8c62059b5440dec0b236f386248a41] USB: unusual_devs: Add support for multiple Option 3G sticks
git bisect skip 46216e4fbe8c62059b5440dec0b236f386248a41
# skip: [bce54fed941e03695ab557100a4bd1e457abca42] arm: defconfig: rx51: enable phonet and g_nokia
git bisect skip bce54fed941e03695ab557100a4bd1e457abca42
# skip: [f358f5b40af67caf28b627889d007294614170b2] USB: gadget: introduce g_nokia gadget driver
git bisect skip f358f5b40af67caf28b627889d007294614170b2
# skip: [9c9a7dbf9a73191a24a13b9a0412355254a122c7] USB: xhci: Fix compile issues with xhci_get_slot_state()
git bisect skip 9c9a7dbf9a73191a24a13b9a0412355254a122c7
# skip: [c38b94017c74061cabc342d3222387e0a5e8b6cd] USB: c67x00: use resource_size().
git bisect skip c38b94017c74061cabc342d3222387e0a5e8b6cd
# skip: [4585ef11d23aa9dbbf776b135ba70577df97587b] USB: FHCI: Correct the size argument to kzalloc
git bisect skip 4585ef11d23aa9dbbf776b135ba70577df97587b
# skip: [0f2c2d7bbb51338fdcda9670795a6c6e348622d9] USB: cypress_m8: use put_unaligned_le32() where necessary
git bisect skip 0f2c2d7bbb51338fdcda9670795a6c6e348622d9
# skip: [5be796f0b842c5852d7397a82f8ebd6be8451872] USB: ch341: use get_unaligned_le16 in break_ctl
git bisect skip 5be796f0b842c5852d7397a82f8ebd6be8451872
# skip: [d0ef90b49857b403c1cfa62fce229c967dd4be40] USB: serial: fix DMA buffers on stack for io_edgeport.c
git bisect skip d0ef90b49857b403c1cfa62fce229c967dd4be40
# skip: [96679f6bd5e1ccb30671b81636b4fdc326e46d8a] USB: kobil_sct: clean up kobil_set_termios
git bisect skip 96679f6bd5e1ccb30671b81636b4fdc326e46d8a
# skip: [401711cb575bbbdb100bc1a14cb2024dfc9b4869] USB: visor: fix DMA buffers on stack
git bisect skip 401711cb575bbbdb100bc1a14cb2024dfc9b4869
# skip: [d2126326bd71b56fcaa5e86474433d11e253f84d] USB: oti6858: fix DMA buffer on stack
git bisect skip d2126326bd71b56fcaa5e86474433d11e253f84d
# skip: [9e221a35f82cbef0397d81fed588bafba95b550c] USB: mos7840: fix DMA buffers on stack and endianess bugs
git bisect skip 9e221a35f82cbef0397d81fed588bafba95b550c
# skip: [eb771e2c6507e0a317e576a3147252ebcb64035a] USB: mos7720: fix DMA buffers on stack and clean up send_mos_cmd
git bisect skip eb771e2c6507e0a317e576a3147252ebcb64035a
# skip: [abf492e7b3ae74873688cf9960283853a3054471] USB: kl5kusb105: fix DMA buffers on stack
git bisect skip abf492e7b3ae74873688cf9960283853a3054471
# skip: [ca65d256c8f1604f8ec8e258109d23280687186c] USB: keyspan_pda: fix DMA buffers on stack
git bisect skip ca65d256c8f1604f8ec8e258109d23280687186c
# skip: [e9305d2f4b5ffa9ea0261212d542956bede2a2ff] USB: io_ti: fix DMA buffers on stack
git bisect skip e9305d2f4b5ffa9ea0261212d542956bede2a2ff
# skip: [974fccb7aba8ca4ff887836e26c0ac4c99d041ca] USB: cypress_m8: fix endianess bug
git bisect skip 974fccb7aba8ca4ff887836e26c0ac4c99d041ca
# skip: [0954644bf5a5a2281746516ce0f5df988d504c31] USB: cypress_m8: fix DMA buffer on stack
git bisect skip 0954644bf5a5a2281746516ce0f5df988d504c31
# skip: [52372ccb5a19d35b68b79118fafdced0c12f0ec9] USB: ch341: use le16_to_cpup to be explicit about endianess
git bisect skip 52372ccb5a19d35b68b79118fafdced0c12f0ec9
# skip: [f2b5cc834b69d2999b749144481de9a94f01bc48] USB: ch341: fix DMA buffer on stack
git bisect skip f2b5cc834b69d2999b749144481de9a94f01bc48
# skip: [6a9b15fed4dca1f90e41ae0cfe35aaa39a20f495] USB: ch341: replace printk warnings with dev_err
git bisect skip 6a9b15fed4dca1f90e41ae0cfe35aaa39a20f495
# skip: [881142660697bba0f3ef44f070d80632082c978f] usb: host: ehci: adding regulator framework in ehci-omap.c driver.
git bisect skip 881142660697bba0f3ef44f070d80632082c978f
# skip: [d3ae8562d43fe2b97d605dd67dc67bf8fa9b956a] usb: host: ehci: fix missing kfree in remove path also
git bisect skip d3ae8562d43fe2b97d605dd67dc67bf8fa9b956a
# skip: [5fc4e77911f457b6aa910c704eebe3a58d334116] usb: musb: Add 'extvbus' in musb_hdrc_platform_data
git bisect skip 5fc4e77911f457b6aa910c704eebe3a58d334116
# skip: [51bf0d0e6cc1f9679a973f61d07cb48e71f9c992] usb: musb: save dynfifo in musb struct
git bisect skip 51bf0d0e6cc1f9679a973f61d07cb48e71f9c992
# skip: [1c25fda4a09e8229800979986ef399401053b46e] usb: musb: handle irqs in the order dictated by programming guide
git bisect skip 1c25fda4a09e8229800979986ef399401053b46e
# skip: [1ca9e9ca314c4757409a7f4e9c1f12229a175834] usb: musb: clean up commit 'workaround Blackfin FIFO anomalies'
git bisect skip 1ca9e9ca314c4757409a7f4e9c1f12229a175834
# skip: [565969237ab6e73ce7192684d00d5b890ee308fa] usb: musb: Fix cppi_channel_abort() function to handle Tx abort correctly
git bisect skip 565969237ab6e73ce7192684d00d5b890ee308fa
# skip: [5274dab6cb99c529b2e7f16bbc8ff9a79be46e7f] usb: musb: workaround toggle bug when doing bulk transfer after isoc
git bisect skip 5274dab6cb99c529b2e7f16bbc8ff9a79be46e7f
# skip: [f933a0c0fe0ea5f49a35bcd45e3e4850e0606cba] usb: musb: workaround MUSB DMA_INTR sometimes reads zero
git bisect skip f933a0c0fe0ea5f49a35bcd45e3e4850e0606cba
# skip: [452f0394376d2cc882e4c4a593fc290c042799a9] usb: musb: hsdma: add wrapper for reading DMA count
git bisect skip 452f0394376d2cc882e4c4a593fc290c042799a9
# skip: [3b151526eda87901532390e11bba0dd59119f667] USB: musb: Add new fifo table for a OMAP3 errata
git bisect skip 3b151526eda87901532390e11bba0dd59119f667
# skip: [8f20960cd772fe42a9cdd36312b2247bc2800ffb] usb: otg: twl4030: move to request_threaded_irq
git bisect skip 8f20960cd772fe42a9cdd36312b2247bc2800ffb
# skip: [c9188ad25dde86e929bd567166b5a1366a3a9059] USB: Correct CONFIG variable typo.
git bisect skip c9188ad25dde86e929bd567166b5a1366a3a9059
# skip: [3a90f81872b00a7526c2bb1ed7664fe5af727f39] USB: usblp: Remove checks no longer needed with the new runtime PM system
git bisect skip 3a90f81872b00a7526c2bb1ed7664fe5af727f39
# skip: [c1284d7726c57c9d2bbc65cd08173fe7f9e637df] USB: ftdi_sio: remove unnecessary initialisations
git bisect skip c1284d7726c57c9d2bbc65cd08173fe7f9e637df
# skip: [a3f8168b7a3a7d9dfb9bb9caa1e009a5ce2a8493] USB: ftdi_sio: clean up modem status handling
git bisect skip a3f8168b7a3a7d9dfb9bb9caa1e009a5ce2a8493
# skip: [66e47e6006a558b33c6f15bd2e072d52c40e0159] USB: ftdi_sio: fix DMA buffers on stack
git bisect skip 66e47e6006a558b33c6f15bd2e072d52c40e0159
# skip: [54f328d0c7221675e3c1647e1918172fec1b92c9] USB: ftdi_sio: fix latency-timeout endianess bug
git bisect skip 54f328d0c7221675e3c1647e1918172fec1b92c9
# skip: [4357369d024c709d91864af88f02d7ac08d0f470] USB: ftdi_sio: use error code from usb stack in read_latency_timer
git bisect skip 4357369d024c709d91864af88f02d7ac08d0f470
# skip: [551cdbbeb118bd5ed301f8749aef69219284399b] USB: rename USB_SPEED_VARIABLE to USB_SPEED_WIRELESS
git bisect skip 551cdbbeb118bd5ed301f8749aef69219284399b
# skip: [16985408b5c48585762ec3b9b7bae1dec4ad7437] USB: retain USB device power/wakeup setting across reconfiguration
git bisect skip 16985408b5c48585762ec3b9b7bae1dec4ad7437
# skip: [ce126644aa10bf1d8f1c1929b65adab026095761] USB: cdc_acm: Silence "It is not a modem." error for pbLua devices
git bisect skip ce126644aa10bf1d8f1c1929b65adab026095761
# skip: [7c5d8c394a077a686cfa646cd85dc159a2a940cc] USB: cdc_acm: Add support for pbLua console port
git bisect skip 7c5d8c394a077a686cfa646cd85dc159a2a940cc
# skip: [2bc0d109326e9f2b25fa1dfcc9de2489e1e00e36] usbmon: add bus number to text API
git bisect skip 2bc0d109326e9f2b25fa1dfcc9de2489e1e00e36
# skip: [7ed069c12c866c5c06e4e05d26878797e3731829] USB: musb: remove some of the never defined defines
git bisect skip 7ed069c12c866c5c06e4e05d26878797e3731829
# skip: [94375751d1d8af70df08beebdc32595f9e4537e1] USB: musb: move to sysfs_groups
git bisect skip 94375751d1d8af70df08beebdc32595f9e4537e1
# skip: [b3b1cc3ba62374e71155ba8c09ee481c3c2d923e] USB: musb: move two printk to dev_err
git bisect skip b3b1cc3ba62374e71155ba8c09ee481c3c2d923e
# skip: [195e9e4691ad0544746540852e03d7c8c6c877ea] USB: musb: use resource_size()
git bisect skip 195e9e4691ad0544746540852e03d7c8c6c877ea
# skip: [767ffec15e25b34c7194e47f0ad1fbf63a568d44] USB: gadget: add INT support for Blackfin musb
git bisect skip 767ffec15e25b34c7194e47f0ad1fbf63a568d44
# skip: [3a8a3b1cee6c525661732b8bcf29ac63d42945ed] USB: gadget: use ep5 for bulk-in and ep6 for bulk-out for Blackfin MUSB
git bisect skip 3a8a3b1cee6c525661732b8bcf29ac63d42945ed
# skip: [ca0e9485afb8db3abf58235abf6afded2df0db17] USB: host: SL811: allow the hcd on Blackfin systems
git bisect skip ca0e9485afb8db3abf58235abf6afded2df0db17
# skip: [8ca5bfab154487fd75a946e6e95d3519eb74be6a] USB: host: SL811: fix unaligned accesses
git bisect skip 8ca5bfab154487fd75a946e6e95d3519eb74be6a
# skip: [6ebb7d1b4b98162e332ff43a8739c2c1c690b140] USB: isp1362: Use kzalloc for allocating only one thing
git bisect skip 6ebb7d1b4b98162e332ff43a8739c2c1c690b140
# skip: [c312659c5ff1e54bac2d91e1ce1005d58784a7b5] USB: cypress_m8: allow unstable baud rates
git bisect skip c312659c5ff1e54bac2d91e1ce1005d58784a7b5
# skip: [2805eb13c3b5be7bd6ec7380502bc054b570afd5] USB: cypress_m8: unify confusing new baudrate check
git bisect skip 2805eb13c3b5be7bd6ec7380502bc054b570afd5
# skip: [64319dd74f3d45f13b6d0aafa91104eb105f1829] USB: cypress_m8: stop using USB debug driver config
git bisect skip 64319dd74f3d45f13b6d0aafa91104eb105f1829
# skip: [ef955341f692475236f0fbe6853f49337dff77a5] USB: Export QUIRK_RESET_MORPHS through sysfs
git bisect skip ef955341f692475236f0fbe6853f49337dff77a5
# skip: [5d3987796c7a747e5ed3ded1eb64a9632d52a1a4] USB: storage: Never reset devices that will morph to an old mode
git bisect skip 5d3987796c7a747e5ed3ded1eb64a9632d52a1a4
# skip: [d1b5b5c0a8a8204f0c51d5eb99736ecfb2fd5b4e] USB: otg: twl4030: add support for notifier
git bisect skip d1b5b5c0a8a8204f0c51d5eb99736ecfb2fd5b4e
# skip: [e9a20171dfa0aa134d2211126d1310f2daea52cf] USB: otg: add notifier support
git bisect skip e9a20171dfa0aa134d2211126d1310f2daea52cf
# skip: [8bc1d21776bb012e41ed062c6d842cfe7c82998a] USB: wusb: check CHID is all zeros before stopping the host
git bisect skip 8bc1d21776bb012e41ed062c6d842cfe7c82998a
# skip: [319c3ea451e19f72b578661e26fb33739af5ae1c] USB: xhci: No GFP_KERNEL in block error handling
git bisect skip 319c3ea451e19f72b578661e26fb33739af5ae1c
# skip: [97d35f95552c9a0ee4777a7f04431a9fd1260478] USB: cdc-acm: Update to new autopm API
git bisect skip 97d35f95552c9a0ee4777a7f04431a9fd1260478
# skip: [1f141ca2b1f40088203fba061cc7b1f8da7c38ab] USB: ehci-au1xxx.c: use platform_get_resource() and resource_size()
git bisect skip 1f141ca2b1f40088203fba061cc7b1f8da7c38ab
# skip: [f65c3540d316982c906e6ece7ccad00bba84574e] USB: ehci-atmel.c: use resource_size()
git bisect skip f65c3540d316982c906e6ece7ccad00bba84574e
# skip: [5672b7e6a99a91838c1b595a80d43006bcd9a178] USB: ehci-orion.c: use resource_size()
git bisect skip 5672b7e6a99a91838c1b595a80d43006bcd9a178
# skip: [d8bb0fd26b555f505019b9b68b6d581fb9f80348] USB: at91_udc.c: use resource_size()
git bisect skip d8bb0fd26b555f505019b9b68b6d581fb9f80348
# skip: [3ba37bdaef3bea9fa166eae6051949d629e7ea83] USB: atmel_usba_udc.c: use resource_size()
git bisect skip 3ba37bdaef3bea9fa166eae6051949d629e7ea83
# skip: [5c90e314a62f09bf4dda4ec5cf50b904540ffa34] USB: pxa27x_udc.c: use resource_size()
git bisect skip 5c90e314a62f09bf4dda4ec5cf50b904540ffa34
# skip: [1af107744253b01b4cf119a9bb3369376b01658b] USB: ehci-fsl: Add power management support
git bisect skip 1af107744253b01b4cf119a9bb3369376b01658b
# skip: [dad3843f035a273f9b64e133467e8dcbfaf0ce60] USB: ehci-fsl: Fix sparse warnings
git bisect skip dad3843f035a273f9b64e133467e8dcbfaf0ce60
# skip: [22e186948a262c9cd377fb43aa50bb3c3f01c468] USB: ehci: fix audio record functionality for some Full speed sound blaster devices
git bisect skip 22e186948a262c9cd377fb43aa50bb3c3f01c468
# skip: [d63c66d2d08f52487f3ef32f1c9b1231d848966b] USB: ehci: add call of free_cached_itd_list() function in disable_periodic()
git bisect skip d63c66d2d08f52487f3ef32f1c9b1231d848966b
# skip: [a5f0efaba4c2b644e6248648f75b0a8a522359f6] USB: Add call to notify xHC of a device reset.
git bisect skip a5f0efaba4c2b644e6248648f75b0a8a522359f6
# skip: [2a8f82c4ceaffcfd64531dbdee1d1bc227387882] USB: xhci: Notify the xHC when a device is reset.
git bisect skip 2a8f82c4ceaffcfd64531dbdee1d1bc227387882
# skip: [6219c047d3fe18dee4916d6898fc94f5a7ffd156] USB: xhci: Allow roothub ports to be disabled.
git bisect skip 6219c047d3fe18dee4916d6898fc94f5a7ffd156
# skip: [34fb562a436ca50e13c05e7584c9d62f151052bf] USB: xhci: Refactor code to clear port change bits.
git bisect skip 34fb562a436ca50e13c05e7584c9d62f151052bf
# skip: [b45b506911247008f694dcaf1d8220a4942ebc4f] USB: xhci: Refactor test for vendor-specific completion codes.
git bisect skip b45b506911247008f694dcaf1d8220a4942ebc4f
# skip: [a1d78c16bd31a715785e21967ac6110b386a3c1f] USB: xhci: Allow allocation of commands without input contexts.
git bisect skip a1d78c16bd31a715785e21967ac6110b386a3c1f
# skip: [412566bd716397e28e81fc9b20804bc6a6daf14d] USB: xhci: Refactor code to free or cache endpoint rings.
git bisect skip 412566bd716397e28e81fc9b20804bc6a6daf14d
# skip: [c01591bd6ece72e1c099cbc25ed812e1add579dc] USB: xhci: Fix error path when configuring endpoints.
git bisect skip c01591bd6ece72e1c099cbc25ed812e1add579dc
# skip: [f661c6f8c67bd55e93348f160d590ff9edf08904] USB: check the endpoint type against the pipe type
git bisect skip f661c6f8c67bd55e93348f160d590ff9edf08904
# skip: [a91b0c502285fd0c569fae1222fdd945ef739233] cdc_acm: add reset_resume method
git bisect skip a91b0c502285fd0c569fae1222fdd945ef739233
# skip: [af2ac1a091bc8bee73d7837b73ebfb00b917aece] USB: serial mct_usb232: move DMA buffers to heap
git bisect skip af2ac1a091bc8bee73d7837b73ebfb00b917aece
# skip: [4fdb31d9665a9106190d9f8888cf06252c20f3ce] USB: pxa27x_udc: avoid compiler warnings and misbehavior on buggy hardware
git bisect skip 4fdb31d9665a9106190d9f8888cf06252c20f3ce
# skip: [2f0e40aba1cafe3a834bfcbac8f1e704d496dab9] USB: fix occasional ULPI timeouts with ehci-mxc
git bisect skip 2f0e40aba1cafe3a834bfcbac8f1e704d496dab9
# skip: [cabe6cc2be287d0020d70944e8d0d0304e484a6c] USB: ftdi_sio: remove support for 5 and 6 data bits
git bisect skip cabe6cc2be287d0020d70944e8d0d0304e484a6c
# skip: [8c4f99cd54469d643e27a743045da848f7b63fe5] USB: ftdi_sio: fix initialisation of latency timeout
git bisect skip 8c4f99cd54469d643e27a743045da848f7b63fe5
# skip: [b4fc2aeef23b4b35809054ddf495f9efdc3ac9d6] USB: serial: fix typo in debug message
git bisect skip b4fc2aeef23b4b35809054ddf495f9efdc3ac9d6
# skip: [0076b4bec5cffff856ec4a91830c902fbd7870df] USB: ftdi_sio: remove obsolete comment
git bisect skip 0076b4bec5cffff856ec4a91830c902fbd7870df
# skip: [e2b5cbfe77ecbbeccc38a486e054a59aaaf028c8] USB: ftdi_sio: fix error message on close
git bisect skip e2b5cbfe77ecbbeccc38a486e054a59aaaf028c8
# skip: [30fa3d8ed0a61703281bde948f7590d843308b4a] USB: cxacru: increment driver version
git bisect skip 30fa3d8ed0a61703281bde948f7590d843308b4a
# skip: [817db5b34e70650c488f22b072b7efb950812adb] USB: cxacru: remove cxacru-cf.bin loader
git bisect skip 817db5b34e70650c488f22b072b7efb950812adb
# skip: [4ac37208e9b30b36b615ed22a79b4ee787fdc9b5] USB: cxacru: add write-only sysfs attribute for modem configuration
git bisect skip 4ac37208e9b30b36b615ed22a79b4ee787fdc9b5
# skip: [885582c48e5fbf47ccc4273aaa5f2f56ad513253] USB: cxacru: firmware writes on OHCI are slow, log progress
git bisect skip 885582c48e5fbf47ccc4273aaa5f2f56ad513253
# skip: [c68bb0d738897ed39b90c7ccb22e01c938117051] USB: cxacru: document how to interact with the flash memory
git bisect skip c68bb0d738897ed39b90c7ccb22e01c938117051
# skip: [36706005d90642bccabfaacbb24d135155e984a8] ALSA: hda - Add support for IDT 92HD88 family codecs
git bisect skip 36706005d90642bccabfaacbb24d135155e984a8
# good: [11b897cf84c37e6522db914793677e933ef311fb] MIPS: Alchemy: use 36bit addresses for PCMCIA resources.
git bisect good 11b897cf84c37e6522db914793677e933ef311fb
# good: [2507c05ff55fbf38326b08ed27eaed233bc75042] virtio_net: remove forgotten assignment
git bisect good 2507c05ff55fbf38326b08ed27eaed233bc75042
# good: [a27341cd5fcb7cf2d2d4726e9f324009f7162c00] Prioritize synchronous signals over 'normal' signals
git bisect good a27341cd5fcb7cf2d2d4726e9f324009f7162c00
# bad: [68de7745822f0dc2eea940e3c1fc65896d7afc88] Merge branch 'drm-radeon-testing' of /ssd/git/drm-radeon-next into drm-next-stage
git bisect bad 68de7745822f0dc2eea940e3c1fc65896d7afc88
# bad: [eb6b6d7cdd5548fa03a919d14615195600013be2] Merge remote branch 'korg/drm-radeon-testing' into drm-next-stage
git bisect bad eb6b6d7cdd5548fa03a919d14615195600013be2
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