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SubjectRe: [PATCH] USB: otg: twl4030: fix phy initialization(v1)
2010/9/7 venki kaps <>:
> Dear USB experts,
>  Is the same fix valid for omap3430 + 2.6.32 Kernel?
>  I have been facing mp3 playback idle current consumption 20mA more
> after booting without USB cable connected
>  but If USB cable detach and attach happen, then able to hit proper
> values otherwise irrespective of cold/warm reset
>  the current values increases to 20mA.
>  with cable,
>      OTG_SYSCONFIG standby mode of operation - SMART idle
>  without cable,
>        OTG_SYSCONFIG standby mode of operation - SMART idle
>        HSOTGUSB_STANDBY - Active
>  Even i have applied  patch but still the same issue.

Are you applying the patch below?

The patch(USB: otg: twl4030: fix phy initialization(v1)) above is against
2.6.36-rc3, I don't think you can apply it directly on 2.6.32. And the patch
is introduced to fix the problems caused by

commit 461c317705eca5cac09a360f488715927fd0a927.

which change is committed into mainline 2.6.36-rc3.

>  If i use __twl4030_phy_power(twl, 0) at the end of USB LDO initialization,

If you apply this patch against 2.6.36-rc3, you will find
__twl4030_phy_power(twl, 0) is always called from .probe
if you don't connect musb with PC via cable when powering on.

>  then able to hit proper values but USB ADC values are getting in correct
>  with Travel adapter (Charger power supply) which means temperature
>  shows 84 instead of 26~30 degrees.
>  Queries,
>  -----------
>   - Is Errata 1.164 fix : OTG idle will work on 3430?

No such errata found in ti wetsite, could you give a link?

>   - USBOTG_SUSPEND is enabled in Kernel 32, will it give any impact?

Kernel does not have USBOTG_SUSPEND config option. Do you
mean USB_SUSPEND? If so, it is nothing to do with your issue since
it is only valid for host driver. Also for your case, musb works at
b-idle state.

>   - Is there anything missed from Power management idle path (or)
>    USB OTG controller/Transreceiver driver part?

Maybe with transreceiver part, musb doesn't support runtime pm now.

>  Could you please provide the best approach to solve my issue?

Sorry, this patch is not for your issue, as said above.

Lei Ming
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