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Subjectcheckpatch problem


Checkpatch generates the following messages for inline asm strings:

WARNING: unnecessary whitespace before a quoted newline
#49: FILE: arch/m32r/include/asm/irqflags.h:31:
+ "ld24 %0, #0 ; Use 32-bit insn. \n\t"

however, inline asm is more readable if I can tabulate things, including the
newline markers:

asm volatile (
"ld24 %0, #0 ; Use 32-bit insn. \n\t"
"mvfc %1, psw ; No interrupt can be accepted here. \n\t"
"mvtc %0, psw \n\t"
"and3 %0, %1, #0xffbf \n\t"
"mvtc %0, psw \n\t"
: "=&r" (tmpreg0), "=&r" (tmpreg1)
: "cbit", "memory");

Can you please fix it, even if it's only to permit multiple TAB chars before

Whilst this check is probaly fine for strings to be displayed in some way, this
doesn't necessarily apply to inline asm strings. Furthermore, the extra white
space does not impact the resulting binary.


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