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    SubjectRe: asm-generic/unistd.h and glibc use of NR_ipc
    On Tue, 28 Sep 2010, Chris Metcalf wrote:

    > (Adding libc-ports to the cc list.)
    > On 9/28/2010 4:40 AM, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
    > > Chris Metcalf is using the generic unistd.h file on the tile architecture
    > > and has a glibc port that should be easily portable to all future
    > > architectures. There are a few of them getting ready to be merged
    > > now (c6x, lm32, nios2, and some people have contacted me privately
    > > for architectures I cannot name).

    (Removing libc-alpha as my comments aren't relevant to that list.)

    Two of the three seem rather surprising to me as regards glibc ports being
    ready to merge - maybe kernel ports are ready, however, it isn't clear to
    me what (kernel or glibc) the original comment was referring to.

    C6X has no MMU so a glibc port isn't a possibility. There are indeed
    uClibc and GCC ports we will be contributing in due course - but the
    linker support for shared objects is still in development (I contributed
    the static linking binutils support upstream earlier this year) and is
    required for building anything for uClinux userspace for this platform.

    As for Nios II, we have a fully functional glibc port at CodeSourcery.
    It is I believe all our own work so there are no legal obstacles to our
    contributing it to the FSF - but upstream contribution would not really be
    useful without the GCC and binutils ports, and those ports (to which we
    added PIC and TLS support among other things) are based on code from
    Altera which is not covered by an FSF copyright assignment, so while the
    code is available we have no current plans for Nios II upstream

    Joseph S. Myers

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