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    SubjectRe: [Patch, RFC] Make struct fb_info ref-counted with kref

    > On Wed, 22 September 2010 James Simmons <> wrote:
    > > > This year someone said he/she would look at making it possible to have
    > > > multiple concurrently active consoles on distinct framebuffers.
    > > > Hopefully something is happening on that front (that would certainly
    > > > also include some fbcon cleanup)
    > >
    > > That would be me.
    > Thanks for showing up (I didn't find the matching thread, probably
    > subject and my search terms were no good friends :)

    No problem.

    > > I have a tree at
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > > but currently fbcon is broken so I'm tracing down the problem.
    > Thanks for the reference to your tree!
    > What's you opinion regarding my changes to fbcon in my RFC patch?
    > Are they ok or would you prefer having fbcon changed to stop peeking
    > at registered_fb list and just operate directly on fb_info everywhere
    > it needs it? (that is let con2fb_map[] point to fb_info instead of
    > indexes into registered_fb? (I have a preference for the second one
    > and will try it out)

    I'm aiming to kill off registered_fb. I agree that fb_info should be used
    directly and we can avoid the ref-count. As for con2fb_map that is a
    little more complex.

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