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    SubjectRe: PROBLEM: snd_intel_hda audio regression in 2.6.36-rc5
    At Wed, 22 Sep 2010 18:31:26 +0300,
    Aki Parviainen wrote:
    > >
    > > So, you are testing only over SPDIF output, right?
    > Yes, I'm only using SPDIF output!
    > > Looks like the SPDIF status bits has been reset by some reason.
    > > Try to restore via iecset program included in alsa-utils package,
    > > e.g.
    > >    iecset original on
    > >    iecset category 0x02
    > I tried this and didn't notice any difference.

    Hm, then you might need to adjust other parameters, too.

    > > If this doesn't help, try to unload sound driver once, remove (or
    > > backup) /etc/asound.state (which might be in a different path
    > > depending on the distro), then load sound modules again.
    > > This will restore the default SPDIF status.  Unmute / adjust mixer
    > > setups appropriately after doing this.
    > I also tried this but didn't notice a difference but however I noticed
    > a workaround to this problem that might be related to deleting the
    > asound.state (debian places it btw to /var/lib/alsa/asound.state): now
    > the regular audio works via SPDIF once again if I first play a file
    > with digital preencoded audio. Ie:
    > -Boot with 2.6.36-rc5
    > -Start kaffeine
    > -Play mp3 file -> no sound at all via spdif
    > -Play mkv file with 5.1 sound -> sound ok
    > -Play mp3 file again -> sound ok!
    > -Exit kaffeine & restart kaffeine or vlc
    > -Play mp3 file again -> sound ok!

    At this state, run "alsactl store", and keep the renewed asound.state
    file. Once when this happens again, just run like
    alsactl -f /your/saved/asound.state store
    to restore the status.

    > Unfortunately the fix isn't permanent because after reboot I cannot
    > get regular sound via spdif until I have once played a file with 5.1
    > audio track.

    This is unlikely a kernel issue but the user-space issue.
    I guess this was triggered because of changes of the id numbers in
    mixer elements. Some user-space program (e.g. kmix) tend to restore
    the mixer setup forcibly but often wrongly.

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