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SubjectRe: Problem with debugfs
On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 10:21:12AM +0800, wrote:
> Hi, there,
> I do not know who is the maintainer for debugfs now.

Did it change? It's always been me. I guess I never created a
MAINTAINERS entry, is it really needed?

> But I think there is problem with its API: It uses filp->priv->mutex
> to protect the read/write (to the file) for the value of its
> attribute, but the mutex is not exported to the API user. Therefore,
> there is no way to protect its value when you directly use the value
> in your module.

What is the problem here, could the value change somehow and you not
like that, or perhaps you read the wrong value from userspace?

Have an example of the issue somewhere?


greg k-h

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