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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 03/10] RapidIO: Use stored ingress port number instead of register read
    Hi Alex,

    Bounine, Alexandre wrote:
    > struct rio_dev {
    > struct list_head global_list;
    > struct list_head net_list;
    > .....
    > ..... rest of rio_dev
    > .....
    > struct rio_switch switch[0];
    > }

    It makes sense to let rio_dev structures point to the switch they are
    attached to. That can be useful in various situations, but is not
    possible with this setup.

    If a rio_dev is a switch then rdev->rswitch->rdev == rdev holds.

    > This will remove extra memory allocation, remove overlapping structure
    > members and clean code sections like one shown below:
    > u8 hopcount = 0xff;
    > u16 destid = rdev->destid;
    > if (rdev->rswitch) {
    > destid = rdev->rswitch->destid;
    > hopcount = rdev->rswitch->hopcount;
    > }

    Note that it is possible for rdev->destid to differ from
    rdev->rswitch->destid even if rswitch->rdev == rdev (for non-hosts i.e.
    agents). rswitch->destid is the destid by which we discovered the switch
    (and can reach it) but rdev->destid is the actual id given to the switch.


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