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    SubjectANNOUNCE: Kernel Podcast returns

    Audio Feed:

    For those interested, I pushed out a new kernel podcast last night.
    Also, I have transcripts for episodes since August 1 that are at various
    stages. My intention is to get back into doing this regularly again as
    it helps me keep up with LKML - recently I've been having enough time to
    do most of the prep but not enough time to write the show and record it!
    I don't do this for any reason other than to force myself to keep up
    with LKML. I write a monthly summary for one of the magazines (again,
    without payment) in order to get me to review the entire month, too.

    The past few months have been busy with enterprise kernel stuff, and
    also enjoying the summer. Plus this stuff seriously puts you at risk of
    burnout, and I felt taking a break from it was better than giving up. I
    have a lot of respect for folks like Jon Corbet, who offer a much higher
    quality experience, and do so regularly. For the record, this podcast is
    intentionally different from LWN and at most "competes" with the "In
    Brief" section of the kernel page. If you want guaranteed, on-time
    weekly, in-depth stories, with real journalism, SUBSCRIBE TO LWN. If
    you're also looking for some thread summaries, consider this podcast.

    The older episodes are still getting a lot of downloads. There were 136
    downloads so far this morning and most previous episodes have over 2,000
    at this point (always many more in the logs whenever certain specific
    search terms are mentioned - for example "Microsoft" is guaranteed to
    hike the numbers). There have been a total of nearly 200,000 downloads
    since I started doing the podcast in May 2009, which isn't too shabby.
    Also, some interesting statistics on user applications used to listen:

    * 49.5% iTunes
    * 14.5% Mozilla
    * 14% Python-urllib
    * 6.8% Internet Explorer
    * 2.1% Juice
    * 13.1% Other

    Within the US, San Antonio, TX and Chicago, IL between them account for
    half of the listeners(!), while the US has a 60.2% share overall. China
    has 14.8% of the listeners (and Guangdong alone accounts for 7% of
    overall global listeners), followed by Germany (6.8%), the UK (2.4%),
    and then Denmark (2.1%), the rest account for 13.9%. Interesting.

    Anyway, enjoy. Let's see if it's possible to get some semi-regularity
    going once again. And if I fail to do a given week because life has
    certain busy realities, I'll just try again, and again, and again :)


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