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    SubjectRe: [Discussion] USB: musb-gadget: how to fix ZLP issue in musb_g_tx

    Felipe Balbi wrote:

    > On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 06:02:22AM -0500, Ming Lei wrote:
    >> If so, once the dma interrupt comes, will request->actual be same
    >> with request->length in musb_g_tx? And if it is true, could we remove
    >> the
    >> check for 'is_dma'?

    > see that is_dma is set to true by just checking if dma in enabled in
    > txcsr, it might be that dma didn't complete everything and you need to
    > write txpktrdy by hand to send last short packet. So to remove that you
    > would need to re-work a bit more code.

    I don't see what to rework. The last short packet should still satisfy
    (request->actual == request->length) condition, no?

    > You need to know when this is a dma IRQ or an endpoint IRQ.

    We know that -- but why check it there, before (request->actual ==

    WBR, Sergei

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