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SubjectRe: [PATCH] perf_events: improve DS/BTS/PEBS buffer allocation
Stephane Eranian <> writes:

> The DS, BTS, and PEBS memory regions were allocated using kzalloc(), i.e.,
> requesting contiguous physical memory. There is no such restriction on
> DS, PEBS and BTS buffers. Using kzalloc() could lead to error in case
> no contiguous physical memory is available. BTS is requesting 64KB,
> thus it can cause issues. PEBS is currently only requesting one page.
> Both PEBS and BTS are static buffers allocated for each CPU at the
> first user. When the last user exists, the buffers are released.

DS supports page tables, but I have some doubts it really
supports page faults. vmalloc today does page faults.

I think the change is a good idea, but it will need vmalloc_sync_all()


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