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SubjectRe: 2.6.36-rc3 - Unable to build: "Error: input truncated"

On 13/09/10 16:37, Justin P. Mattock wrote:
> On 09/12/2010 11:09 PM, Nigel Cunningham wrote:
>> Hi.
>> On 13/09/10 15:28, Justin P. Mattock wrote:
>>> probably the same thing I was hitting last week or similar... bisected
>>> resulted in crazy numbers(way back in may) long story short
>>> git clean -fx resolved the error over here..(so tied up with other
>>> things something as simple as that, I forgot)
>>> hope this helps..
>> 'fraid not.
>> What I have since noticed, though, is that my currently running (2.6.34)
>> .config doesn't trigger it, whereas the one with some changes I made the
>> other day does. Looks like I have a couple of ways in which to find out
>> the cause :)
>> Nigel
> ahh.. I see.. yeah over here it was the same .config lots of commits
> here and there, numerous recompiles of a same module that probably
> triggered my error(stale files and such).. but if your hitting a .config
> change then that's different..(hopefully you remember what you
> changed...can be a bit daunting if going in and feeling generous and
> such..(but then again maybe that's just me..)).

I still have the old one - I compile all my kernels with that option
that makes /proc/config.gz. Better go. Getting dinner ready :)


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