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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH] x86: don't compile with gcc-3.3.3
On 09/13/2010 09:33 AM, Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:
>> Does it in fact still build with 3.4? I seem to recall some talk about
>> pushing the minimum version to 4.x for x86, although I can't remember
>> where..
> I'm still building kernels with gcc 3.4.3 (for the ARMs which don't
> require a later compiler) or gcc 4.3.2+patches for those which do.
> ARM gcc 3.4.3 is certainly noticably faster than gcc 4.3.2 even on
> x86 - and as long as ARM gcc 3.4.3 works, and there's not great pain
> in allowing it to build the arch-independent stuff, I see no reason
> to deny it across the entire kernel build.
> I think we should have a minimum compiler version for the generic
> kernel, and individual minimum compiler versions for the architectures,
> so that arches can specify a higher minimum compiler version if they
> have specific problems there.

Yes, I don't think anyone has proposed bumping past 3.4 for the generic
kernel at this time.


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