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SubjectRe: [BISECTED] 2.6.35.*: horrible (exponential? >linear) slowdown to unusability (HPET)
On 10 Sep 2010, Artur Skawina outgrape:

> On 09/10/10 11:41, Jiri Slaby wrote:
>> AFAIU, clocksource=jiffies shouldn't fix this issue. If that's the case
>> we have another 2.6.32->2.6.33 regression (and I will report it
>> separately). People report the system is unusable (sleepers are not
>> woken), unless clocksource=jiffies, clocksource=tsc or nolapic_timer is
>> used or a key pressed (i.e. some HW interrupt):
>> (there is also a report with vanilla)
> I saw this first in v2.6.35-rc4. The symptom is that suddenly everything
> stops and the only way to make things progress is to generate some events.
> Apps that are waiting for a timeout aren't woken up unless you press a key
> etc. After a few minutes (and lots of key presses ;) ) the machine usually
> recovers, leaving no trace in logs.

In NOHZ mode, my (consistently affected) system never recovers. In !NOHZ
mode, it never locks up, although timings are shot all to hell.

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