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SubjectRe: [PATCHv11 2.6.36-rc2-tip 10/15] 10: tracing: config option to enable both kprobe-tracer and uprobe-tracer.
> Why are lots of end-of-line 's' character missing? :)

Okay will correct them.


> >
> > config PROBE_EVENTS
> > - def_bool n
> > + bool "Enable kprobes and uprobe based dynamic events"
> > + select TRACING
> > + default n
> Hmm, without this series, KPROBE_EVENT is set "y" by default.
> (PROBE_EVENTS is introduced by 8/15)
> I'd like to set this "y" by default, because it doesn't
> affect other parts.
> Thank you,

This is based on what we discussed here

To recollect,
Frederic wanted that there should be one option to select both

However if we make PROBE_EVENTS (which is the option to enable both
events) default "Y", then both UPROBE_EVENT and KPROBE_EVENT will be

Also if we look at, Steven
Rostedt didnt want UPROBE_EVENT to selected by default.

I agree that we should keep UPROBE_EVENT to be 'default n' till it gets
tested. Hence we have two choices. Either set the common knob to be
'default n' or dont have the common knob for now (i.e drop this
patch for now).

I think we should go with the first one, i.e have a common knob thats
by default unselected.

Thanks and Regards

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