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SubjectRe: 3w-9xxx: scsi0: WARNING: (0x06:0x0037): Character ioctl (0x108) timed out, resetting card.

On Fri, 27 Aug 2010, adam radford wrote:

> Justin,
> This just means the firmware didn't complete an ioctl in 60 seconds.
> Can try changing this define in 3w-9xxx.h:
> #define TW_IOCTL_CHRDEV_TIMEOUT 60 /* 60 seconds */
> to 90 or 120 seconds to see if that fixes your issue?
> Thanks,
> -Adam

Hi Adam,

Thanks for responding!

LSI just got back to me on a second case, their latest beta firmware:

SCR 2196: Unexpected controller soft resets
Fixed an issue with regards to deferral of write and read commands to
help eliminate unexpected soft resets.

Well well!

Plan of action:

1. See if the error recurs without 'nobarrier' - only because there are
some threads about problems when this is enabled on 3ware controllers.

2. LSI recommended I disconnect/replace my BBU module, I already did once
before, ~$120, so the next step I will apply their latest Beta firmware.

3. If it STILL does it, I can increase the timeout, HOWEVER, when I see
this, I/O on the system, everything locks up for 60-120-180-360 seconds
and then it comes back after it resets the controller. The weird thing is
this controller is only for a /data volume and not the root filesystem.
The root filesystem is on a separate RAID-1 4 port card (also w/BBU).

If you google that exact error, there is very little information, if I
find something that works, I'll update the list so others have something
to point to when they see this problem.


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