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SubjectRe: Serious problem with ticket spinlocks on ia64
On Fri, Aug 27, 2010 at 15:40 Petr Tesarik wrote:
| On Friday 27 of August 2010 16:31:35 Hedi Berriche wrote:
| > That said, I'm letting my already over 36 hours run carry on chewing CPU
| > time, and see if it will eventually trip the same problem seen with 4-byte
| > ticket locks.
| Hm, this doesn't sound like a viable approach. Since the siglock gets
| initialized to 0 when a new process is started, it may never actually wrap
| around.
| I would rather attach a SystemTap probe somewhere during process fork and add
| a bias to the siglock. That should work fine. Let me knock up the SystemTap
| script...

That would be nice. Ta!

Hedi Berriche
Global Product Support

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