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Subject3w-9xxx: scsi0: WARNING: (0x06:0x0037): Character ioctl (0x108) timed out, resetting card.

I sometimes see this on one of my two 3ware cards in my system.

I have opened a case previously with LSI/3ware and they are not sure what
is going on, all disks are good, etc.

I notice this sometimes occurs when there is high I/O & network activity,
but I am not able to reproduce it at will. I do remember it happening
before though just running a postmap on some files and rsyncing a few
configuration files around.

Originally I thought it might be something to do with having smartd
running, but I disabled it and the problem persists.

The next thing I am looking at is the 'nobarrier' option, I've always used
it in the past, I have now mounted all FS without it and I will see if the
error recurs.

Does anyone know what the root cause of this problem may be?

Aug 24 09:14:04 p34 kernel: [247295.662461] 3w-9xxx: scsi0: WARNING: (0x06:0x0037): Character ioctl (0x108) timed out, resetting card.

Latest kernel (2.6.35.x) and latest firmware on the card, etc.


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