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    SubjectRe: cgroup: rmdir() does not complete
    On Fri, 27 Aug 2010 09:56:39 +0900
    Daisuke Nishimura <> wrote:

    > > Or is it likely to be some other cause, and how best to find it?
    > >
    > What cgroup subsystem did you mount where the directory existed you tried
    > to rmdir() first ?
    > If you mounted several subsystems on the same hierarchy, can you mount them
    > separately to narrow down the cause ?

    It seems I can reproduce the issue on mmotm-0811, too.

    try this.

    Here, memory cgroup is mounted at /cgroups.
    #!/bin/bash -x

    while sleep 1; do
    mkdir /cgroups/test
    echo 0 > /cgroups/test/tasks
    echo 300M > /cgroups/test/memory.limit_in_bytes
    cat /proc/self/cgroup
    dd if=/dev/zero of=./tmpfile bs=4096 count=100000
    echo 0 > /cgroups/tasks
    cat /proc/self/cgroup
    rmdir /cgroups/test
    rm ./tmpfile

    hangs at rmdir. I'm no investigating force_empty.


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