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Subject[RFC PATCH 00/11] sched: CFS low-latency features

Following the findings I presented a few months ago
( about CFS having large vruntime spread
issues, Peter Zijlstra and I pursued the discussion and the implementation
effort (my work on this is funded by Nokia). I recently put the result together
and came up with this patchset, combining both his work and mine.

With this patchset, I got the following results with wakeup-latency.c (a 10ms
periodic timer), running, Xorg, make -j3 and firefox (playing a
youtube video), with Xorg moving terminal windows around, in parallel on a UP
system (links to the test program source in the dyn min_vruntime patch). The
Xorg interactivity is very good with the new features enabled, but was poor
originally with the vanilla mainline scheduler. The 10ms timer delays are as
follow: mainline* with low-latency features**
maximum latency: 34465.2 µs 8261.4 µs
average latency: 6445.5 µs 211.2 µs
missed timer events: yes no

* mainline test needs to run for a few minutes first
to let it rip the spread apart.

** low-latency features:

with the patchset applied and CONFIG_SCHED_DEBUG=y
(with debugfs mounted in /sys/debugfs)

for opt in DYN_MIN_VRUNTIME \
do echo $opt > /sys/debugfs/sched_features;

These patches are designed to allow individual enabling of each feature and to
make sure that the object size of sched.o does not grow when the features are
disabled on a CONFIG_SCHED_DEBUG=n kernel. Optimization of the try_to_wake_up()
fast path when features are enabled could be done later by merging some of these
features together. This patchset is based on

Feedback is welcome,



Mathieu Desnoyers
Operating System Efficiency R&D Consultant
EfficiOS Inc.
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