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SubjectRe: [PATCH] SATA / AHCI: Do not play with the link PM during suspend to RAM
On Monday, August 23, 2010, Tejun Heo wrote:
> Hello, sorry about the delay.
> On 08/19/2010 06:23 PM, Stephan Diestelhorst wrote:
> > It says "max_performance", I have not touched anyhting. So it has been
> > like that all the time. Would this explain why your patch did not show
> > the debug printout?
> Hmm... okay. Yeah, if you haven't been using IPM at all, there won't
> be any debug messages but at the same time the posted patch should
> have had the same effect as Rafael's patch as IPM path isn't traveled
> at all. Can you please check the followings?
> * You're actually running the correct patched kernel and modules. It
> probably is a good idea to add a printk message. ie. Apply the
> patch and add a printk() in ata_host_request_pm() in libata-core.c
> and make sure the debug messages appears.
> * Rafael's patch actually fixes the problem. If you haven't been
> using IPM at all, Rafael's patch and mine should behave exactly the
> same (ie. no IPM operation at all during suspend/resume). It could
> be that you're seeing a different issue.
> Rafael, can you please test my patch and see how your case behaves?

This one: ?


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