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SubjectRe: [S+Q3 00/23] SLUB: The Unified slab allocator (V3)
On Tue, 17 Aug 2010, Christoph Lameter wrote:

> > I didn't know if that was a debugging patch for me or if you wanted to
> > push that as part of your series, I'm not sure if you actually need to
> > move it to kmem_cache_init() now that slub_state is protected by
> > slub_lock. I'm not sure if we want to allocate DMA objects between
> > kmem_cache_init() and kmem_cache_init_late().
> Drivers may allocate dma buffers during initialization.

Ok, I moved the DMA cache creation from kmem_cache_init_late() to
kmem_cache_init(). Note: the kasprintf() will need to use GFP_NOWAIT and
not GFP_KERNEL now.

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