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SubjectRe: BUG: nconfig doesn't preserve case in its menu display
Li Zefan wrote:
> 于 2010年08月17日 05:04, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason 写道:
>> When I do "make nconfig" and go to "General Setup" my "Local version -
>> append to kernel release" entry appears as:
>> (-avar-akbar) Local version - append to kernel release
>> When I use "make menuconfig" it's:
>> (-Avar-Akbar) Local version - append to kernel release
>> And my .config agrees:
>> $ ack -n1 CONFIG_LOCALVERSION .config
>> But when I edit the version string in both menuconfig and nconfig it
>> retains the correct casing.
>> I briefly searched through the nconfig code, but couldn't find
>> anything pertinent to the localversion, so this is probably a more
>> general issue.
> The bug is in make_hot(). Here is the fix:
> =======================
> From: LiZefan <lizf@lizf.localdomain>

Change it to:

From: Li Zefan <>
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