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SubjectRE: [PATCH 4/9] RapidIO: Add relation links between RIO device structures
Micha Nelissen wrote:
> Alexandre Bounine wrote:
> > Create back and forward links between RIO devices. These links are
intended for
> > use by error management and hot-plug extensions.
> As RapidIO is a switched network, the concept of 'previous' and 'next'
> devices is invalid. Perhaps it's just the way they were
> discovered/enumerated, but that does not matter any more at runtime.
> at least, should not matter.

Yes, the "previous" and "next" have to be considered in context of
At runtime, it does not matter for data traffic, but is valuable
information for error recovery
And hot-swap. This provides snapshot of device connections. For example,
when servicing
error-stopped state of link between two switches you need to know
ingress port of far switch on
the link. It may be a problem to read it directly from the device.
Searching through the device list
becomes time consuming as a system size grows.

> > @@ -237,6 +241,7 @@ struct rio_switch {
> > u16 hopcount;
> > u16 destid;
> > u8 inport;
> > + u8 nports;
> > u8 *route_table;
> > u32 port_ok;
> This can be extracted from the swpinfo field (which you removed in
> another patch)?
Agreed in response for patch #3

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