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    SubjectRe: Yet another 2.6.35 regression (AGP)?
    Jesse Barnes wrote:
    > On Fri, 9 Jul 2010 10:21:56 -0400
    > Woody Suwalski<> wrote:
    >> I have found one system, where 2.6.35 does not work (as tested with rc3
    >> and rc4)
    >> That Intel system has no problems in 2.6.33.x nor
    >> The problem seems to be in AGP - I can boot if I specify "agp=off" - but
    >> of course only in text mode...
    >> There seems to be a hard lock-up, so the only way to show the crash is
    >> by picture 8-)
    >> Since I do not build kernel on that machine, I did not do any bisect
    >> tests, however if someone is interested in digging deeper, I can try...
    >> Preferably a patch to try out ;-)
    >> This bug seems to be different then
    >> Should it be blamed on BIOS (the conflict indicated just before the crash)?
    > Well even if the BIOS is doing something bad, if we handled it in
    > earlier kernels we should handle it today. So this sounds like a
    > regression.
    > A bisect should help if it was working before, can you do that?
    OK, I have never really done the brute-force bissecting, but there is
    always first time...
    Will try to do it over the weekend...

    Unless U will be visiting Ottawa and want to do it yourself ;-)


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