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SubjectRe: Squid hang up on 2.6.34
Hi again,

2010/7/9 Felipe W Damasio <>:
> I'm trying..the thing is the freeze occured on the machine that sits
> on a 200Mbps ISP in bridge-mode. Since the machine frooze, and the
> whole ISP went down for a few minutes, I'm not allowed to run any
> tests on it.

The only thing I could track down is going through squid's cache.log,
I found these 2 entries a second before the general protection fault:

2010/07/08 14:51:10| httpReadReply: Excess data from "POST"
2010/07/08 14:51:10| clientTryParseRequest: FD 6088
( Invalid Request

I suppose the last "Invalid request" triggered the bug. But like I
said, I don't know what I can do to help and fix this.


Felipe Damasio

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