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    SubjectRE: [Xen-devel] Re: GSoC 2010 - Migration from memory ballooning tomemory hotplug in Xen
    > Daniel Kiper <> writes:
    > >
    > > OK, let's go to details. When I was playing with Xen I saw that
    > > ballooning does not give possibility to extend memory over boundary
    > > declared at the start of system. Yes, I know that is by desing
    > > I thought that it is a limitation which could by very annoing in
    > > enviroments (I think especially about servers). That is why I
    decided to
    > > develop some code which remove that one. At the beggining I thought
    > > that it should be replaced by memory hotplyg however after some test
    > > and discussion with Jeremy we decided to link balooning (for memory
    > > removal) with memory hotplug (for extending memory above boundary
    > > declared at the startup of system). Additionaly, we decided to
    > > this solution for Linux Xen gustes in all forms (PV/i386,x86_64 and
    > > HVM/i386,x86_64).
    > While you can do that the value is not very large because you
    > could just start the guests with more memory, but ballooned in
    > the first place (so that they don't actually use it)

    I think hotplug is a better method for adding memory for Windows.


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