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SubjectRe: [regression] Crash in wb_clear_pending() (was: Linux 2.6.35-rc4)
On Mon, Jul 05, 2010 at 07:14:20PM +0200, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> Nor does it apply to v2.6.35-rc4:

It's indeed missing the two previous patches to the writeback code that
I thought Jens sent to Linus aswell [1]. The race was initially found using
a distro kernel with the patches backported, and in the meantime we've
done a lot of testing with this patch (and the two previous that also
were backported). I'd prefer to get this full stack that's been in
-next for a while and got large machine testing, but if Jens prefers it
I can aim for a smaller variant. Jens, what version do you prefer?

[1] thee patches are:

"writeback: remove writeback_inodes_wbc" a73dd720f081cd160e3843d531eff2195036e442
"writeback: split writeback_inodes_wb" 9f98c0faa41ae334d894762f556195c8a7fb352f

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