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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fixed division by zero bug in kernel/padata.c
    On Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 5:18 PM, Steffen Klassert
    <> wrote:
    > On Fri, Jul 02, 2010 at 05:24:13PM +0400, Dan Kruchinin wrote:
    >> No problem. Here is fixed patch:
    >> --
    >>  When boot CPU(typically CPU #0) is excluded from padata cpumask and
    >>  user enters halt command from console, kernel faults on division by zero;
    >>  This occurs because during the halt kernel shuts down each non-boot CPU one
    >>  by one. After it shuts down the last CPU that is set in the padata cpumask,
    >>  the only working CPU in the system is a boot CPU(#0) and it's the only CPU that
    >>  is set in the cpu_active_mask. Hence when padata_cpu_callback calls
    >>  __padata_remove_cpu(and hence padata_alloc_pd) it appears that padata
    >> cpumask and
    >>  cpu_active mask aren't intersect. Hence the following code in
    >> padata_alloc_pd causes
    >>  a DZ error exception:
    >>   cpumask_and(pd->cpumask, cpumask, cpu_active_mask); // pd->cpumask
    >> will be empty
    >>   ...
    >>   num_cpus = cpumask_weight(pd->cpumask); // num_cpus = 0
    >>   pd->max_seq_nr = (MAX_SEQ_NR / num_cpus) * num_cpus - 1; // DZ!
    > I'm still thinking about how to handle an empty cpumask here.
    > While your patch would be ok to handle the shutdown case you
    > noticed, the problem is a bit more complex as soon as we are
    > able to change the cpumasks from userspace with your patches.
    > Essentially, we can end up with an empty cpumask here because
    > of two reasons:
    > 1. A user removed the last cpu that belongs to the padata
    > cpumask and the active cpumask.
    > 2. The last cpu that belongs to the padata cpumask and the
    > active cpumask goes offline.
    > In the first case it would be ok to tell the user that this is
    > an invalid operation by returning an error. In the second case
    > we can't just return an error to the cpu hotplug callback function,
    > because it returns NOTIFY_BAD on error. This means, that it depends
    > on the padata user configuration whether a cpu can go offline or not.
    > This is certainly not what we want to have.
    > Both cases should be handled in the same way. So we could just
    > stop the instance if the cpumasks do not intersect, and enable
    > it as soon as they do intersect again. The padata instance would
    > refuse to do anything as long as the cpumasks do not intersect,
    > but it is still in a consistent state. Let me add the infrastructure
    > to handle this, then you can use it with your patches.

    Ok, get it.

    > Thanks,
    > Steffen

    Dan Kruchinin
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