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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 12/13] Unplug emulated disks and nics
    On Thu, 1 Jul 2010, Don Dutile wrote:
    > The problem with this check/enable is that if you run
    > this on an older qemu-xen that doesn't have unplug support,
    > it fails pv-hvm configuration.
    > But, all that means is that you can't use an xvd as the boot device,
    > and you have to use an emulated IDE device as boot device.
    > There are a couple ways to configure the vnif correctly (in guest
    > or in xen guest config file).
    > So, on an older (say, rhel5) xen, I don't have this check;
    > the boot device is required to be spec'd as hda, not vda, and
    > xen-blkfront is not allowed to configure blk major nums
    > for IDE (& SCSI) (to avoid 2 drivers twiddling w/same phys backend... not good!).

    Who is requiring that the boot device is spec'd as hda and not xvda?
    I don't think there is such limitation in xend or libxl at the moment.

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