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    SubjectPreview of changes to the Security susbystem for 2.6.36
    The following is a summary of changes to the security subsystem for the 
    2.6.36 kernel, which may be found in my development tree at:


    One issue which needs to be addressed is to confirm that there is
    consensus on the new Yama LSM module. I had thought there was, based on
    list discussion, but have since had differing feedback.


    Arnd Bergmann (2):
    ima: use generic_file_llseek for securityfs
    selinux: use generic_file_llseek

    Chihau Chau (1):
    Security: capability: code style issue

    Dan Carpenter (9):
    smack: opt_dentry is never null in in smack_d_instantiate()
    KEYS: Propagate error code instead of returning -EINVAL
    selinux: cleanup return codes in avtab_read_item()
    selinux: propagate error codes in cond_read_list()
    selinux: fix error codes in cond_read_av_list()
    selinux: fix error codes in cond_read_node()
    selinux: fix error codes in cond_policydb_init()
    selinux: fix error codes in cond_read_bool()
    selinux: fix error codes in symtab_init()

    David Howells (3):
    KEYS: Authorise keyctl_set_timeout() on a key if we have its authorisation key
    KEYS: Make /proc/keys check to see if a key is possessed before security check
    KEYS: Use the variable 'key' in keyctl_describe_key()

    Eric Paris (8):
    SELinux: seperate range transition rules to a seperate function
    SELinux: move genfs read to a separate function
    SELinux: break ocontext reading into a separate function
    vfs: re-introduce MAY_CHDIR
    security: make LSMs explicitly mask off permissions
    SELinux: special dontaudit for access checks
    selinux: place open in the common file perms
    SELinux: Move execmod to the common perms

    James Morris (3):
    Merge branch 'next-queue' into next
    AppArmor: update path_truncate method to latest version
    Merge branch 'master' into next-preview

    John Johansen (14):
    AppArmor: misc. base functions and defines
    AppArmor: basic auditing infrastructure.
    AppArmor: contexts used in attaching policy to system objects
    AppArmor: dfa match engine
    AppArmor: userspace interfaces
    AppArmor: file enforcement routines
    AppArmor: functions for domain transitions
    AppArmor: update Maintainer and Documentation
    AppArmor: Enable configuring and building of the AppArmor security module
    AppArmor: LSM interface, and security module initialization
    AppArmor: mediation of non file objects
    AppArmor: policy routines for loading and unpacking policy
    AppArmor: core policy routines
    AppArmor: Enable configuring and building of the AppArmor security module

    Justin P. Mattock (1):
    KEYS: Reinstate lost passing of process keyring ID in call_sbin_request_key()

    Kees Cook (3):
    security: Yama LSM
    Yama: turn process ancestry check into function
    Yama: verify inode is symlink to avoid bind mounts

    Mimi Zohar (1):
    security: move LSM xattrnames to xattr.h

    Paul E. McKenney (1):
    selinux: remove all rcu head initializations

    Paul Moore (5):
    selinux: Set the peer label correctly on connected UNIX domain sockets
    selinux: Consolidate sockcreate_sid logic
    selinux: Shuffle the sk_security_struct alloc and free routines
    selinux: Convert socket related access controls to use socket labels
    selinux: Use current_security() when possible

    Rajiv Andrade (1):
    tpm_tis: fix subsequent suspend failures

    Tetsuo Handa (42):
    TOMOYO: Add numeric values grouping support.
    TOMOYO: Use structure for passing common arguments.
    TOMOYO: Split file access control functions by type of parameters.
    TOMOYO: Add mount restriction.
    TOMOYO: Add interactive enforcing mode.
    TOMOYO: Split files into some pieces.
    LSM: Remove unused arguments from security_path_truncate().
    TOMOYO: Several fixes for TOMOYO's management programs.
    TOMOYO: Support longer pathname.
    TOMOYO: Allow wildcard for execute permission.
    TOMOYO: Add pathname aggregation support.
    TOMOYO: Update profile structure.
    TOMOYO: Use callback for updating entries.
    TOMOYO: Use common structure for list element.
    TOMOYO: Use callback for updating entries.
    TOMOYO: Use common code for garbage collection.
    TOMOYO: Use common code for open and mkdir etc.
    TOMOYO: Pass parameters via structure.
    TOMOYO: Use callback for permission check.
    TOMOYO: Rename symbols.
    TOMOYO: Loosen parameter check for mount operation.
    TOMOYO: Remove wrapper function for reading keyword.
    TOMOYO: Merge functions.
    TOMOYO: Make read function to void.
    TOMOYO: Pass "struct list_head" rather than "void *".
    TOMOYO: Merge tomoyo_path_group and tomoyo_number_group
    TOMOYO: Use array of "struct list_head".
    TOMOYO: Aggregate reader functions.
    TOMOYO: Merge path_group and number_group.
    TOMOYO: Remove alias keyword.
    TOMOYO: Use common code for domain transition control.
    TOMOYO: Change list iterator.
    TOMOYO: Allow reading only execute permission.
    TOMOYO: Use common code for policy reading.
    TOMOYO: Copy directly to userspace buffer.
    TOMOYO: Small cleanup.
    TOMOYO: Rename symbols.
    TOMOYO: Add missing poll() hook.
    TOMOYO: Explicitly set file_operations->llseek pointer.
    TOMOYO: Fix quota check.
    TOMOYO: Update version to 2.3.0
    TOMOYO: Use pathname specified by policy rather than execve()

    Tvrtko Ursulin (1):
    securityfs: Drop dentry reference count when mknod fails

    James Morris

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