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    SubjectRe: [PATCHv10 2.6.35-rc6-tip 10/14] perf: rename common fields/functions from kprobe to probe.
    Srikar Dronamraju wrote:
    > As a precursor for perf to support uprobes, rename fields/functions
    > that had kprobe in their name but can be shared across perf-kprobes
    > and perf-uprobes to probe.

    Yeah, renaming itself is OK for me. But please do it carefully,
    I can see some gaps between 1st line and 2nd line like below
    after applying this patch...

    static int kprobe_convert_to_perf_probe(struct probe_trace_point *tp,
    struct perf_probe_point *pp)

    But just a trivial style issue. :)

    Masami HIRAMATSU
    2nd Research Dept.
    Hitachi, Ltd., Systems Development Laboratory

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