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SubjectRe: [PATCH 6/7] save and restore etm state across core OFF modes
On Sun, Jul 25, 2010 at 12:34:22 -0600, Hari Kanigeri wrote:
> > +       bool "Enable hardware emulation context save and restore"
> > +       depends on ARCH_OMAP3
> -- Shouldn't this be depends on OMAP3_EMU instead ?

Not really. OMAP3_EMU will enable ETM/ETB drivers within omap, but this
particular patch is also needed if you're using an external hardware
debugger to debug code across OFF modes.

> > +       default y
> -- As this is debug option, can you keep this "n" by default ?

This option allows for enabling certain debugging functionality in runtime
(via a sysfs file), which is turned off by default. It is debatable whether
this option should default to 'y' or 'n', seeing as it doesn't add much
overhead to the normal usecase.

> > +       help
> > +         This option enables JTAG & ETM debugging across power states.
> > +         With out this option emulation features are reset across OFF
> > +         mode state changes.

But I see that the wording is misleading and unclear, so I'll try to come
up with something more descriptive.

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