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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH] cfq-iosched: IOPS mode for group scheduling and new group_idle tunable
On 23.07.2010, Vivek Goyal wrote: 

> This is V4 of the patchset which implements a new tunable group_idle and also
> implements IOPS mode for group fairness. Following are changes since V3.

Just for information: this patchset, applied to 2.6.35-rc6, gives about
20-25% increase in speed/throughput on my desktop system
(Phenom 2.5GHz Quadcore, 3 disks) with the tunables set according
to what you've used/reported here (the setup with slice_idle set to 0),
and it's measurable with fs_mark, too.

After 2 hours of hard testing, the machine remains stable and responsive.

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