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SubjectRe: [RFC 1/3 v3] mm: iommu: An API to unify IOMMU, CPU and device memory management
> *************************************************************************
>> > This is difficult to achieve without remapping kernel memory using L2
>> > page tables, so we can unmap pages on 4K page granularity. That's
>> > going to increase TLB overhead and result in lower system performance
>> > as there'll be a greater number of MMU misses.
> *************************************************************************

Given how the buffers in question can be on the orders of tens of MB (and
I don't think they will ever be less than 1MB), would we be able to get
the desired effect by unmapping and then remapping on a 1MB granularity
(ie, L1 sections)? It seems to me like this should be sufficient, and
would not require using L2 mappings. Thoughts?


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