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    Subject[PATCHSET] workqueue: implement and use WQ_UNBOUND
    Hello, David, Arjan.

    These four patches implement unbound workqueues which can be used as
    simple execution context provider. I changed async to use it and will
    also make fscache use it. This can be used by setting WQ_UNBOUND on
    workqueue creation. Works queued to unbound workqueues are implicitly
    HIGHPRI and dispatched to unbound workers as soon as resources are
    available and the only limitation applied by workqueue code is
    @max_active. IOW, for both async and fscache, things will stay about
    the same.

    WQ_UNBOUND can serve the role of WQ_SINGLE_CPU. WQ_SINGLE_CPU is
    dropped and replaced by WQ_UNBOUND.

    Arjan, I still think we'll be better off using bound workqueues for
    async but let's first convert without causing behavior difference.
    Either way isn't gonna result in any noticeable difference anyway. If
    you're okay with the conversion, please ack it.

    David, this should work for fscache/slow-work the same way too. That
    should relieve your concern, right? Oh, and Frederic suggested that
    we would be better off with something based on tracing API and I
    agree, so the debugfs thing is currently dropped from the tree. What
    do you think?



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