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SubjectRe: [PATCHSET] workqueue: implement and use WQ_UNBOUND
On 07/02/2010 11:17 AM, Tejun Heo wrote:
> Hello, David, Arjan.
> These four patches implement unbound workqueues which can be used as
> simple execution context provider. I changed async to use it and will
> also make fscache use it. This can be used by setting WQ_UNBOUND on
> workqueue creation. Works queued to unbound workqueues are implicitly
> HIGHPRI and dispatched to unbound workers as soon as resources are
> available and the only limitation applied by workqueue code is
> @max_active. IOW, for both async and fscache, things will stay about
> the same.
> WQ_UNBOUND can serve the role of WQ_SINGLE_CPU. WQ_SINGLE_CPU is
> dropped and replaced by WQ_UNBOUND.
> Arjan, I still think we'll be better off using bound workqueues for
> async but let's first convert without causing behavior difference.
> Either way isn't gonna result in any noticeable difference anyway. If
> you're okay with the conversion, please ack it.
> David, this should work for fscache/slow-work the same way too. That
> should relieve your concern, right? Oh, and Frederic suggested that
> we would be better off with something based on tracing API and I
> agree, so the debugfs thing is currently dropped from the tree. What
> do you think?

Oops, forgot something. These four patches are on top of
wq#for-next-candidate branch which is cmwq take#6 + four fix patches

git:// for-next-candidate

and available in the following git tree.

git:// review-cmwq



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