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    Subjectmvsas still has problems with 2.6.34
    I've recently updated my server, and the mvsas driver included in 
    still causes my AOC-SASLP-MV8 card to completely lock up after mdraid starts
    up on the devices. The machine is essentially in "production" so I can't do
    a heck of a lot of testing on it anymore. The mvsas driver I got from Andy
    Yan seems to be a little outdated, it fails to compile due to a missing
    argument to sas_change_queue_depth, which I managed to fix, and I will try
    testing. I hope it works.

    At some point though I really hope this gets fixed. I'm still willing to help
    test any new versions, just that I can't keep my box down for an extended


    Thomas Fjellstrom

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