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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Stop ARM boards crashing when CUPS is loaded - 2.6.35-rc5
On 16/07/10 10:32, Lee Jones wrote:
>> The best solution is probably for the parport code to go through a
>> modernisation cycle like the serial code did, essentially using
>> platform devices to pass the base addresses. This would make the
>> driver more portable, and eliminates this problem entirely (because
>> platforms which don't have parports won't register the platform device(s)
>> necessary for parport to even probe illegal addresses.)

I have lobbied for one of our partners to conduct this work, but I don't
think this would be something that is in their interest to fix.
Nevertheless, I am currently waiting on a reply from them.


Do you think this would be something that may interest you and your Linux
drivers project? Or perhaps a student who wants to get their feet wet and
play with some platform driver code.

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