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SubjectRe: anonymous mmap() and random heap allocation
Xianghua Xiao writes:
> It seems mmap() can not do random allocation for malloc()/heap on
> Linux, anyone used pax's 'mmap randonness' option for that? what's the
> price for that?
> I want to port openbsd's malloc() to linux to avoid heap
> crashes(overrun/underrun), openbsd's malloc() can do random allocation
> for security reasons, meanwhile it helps to avoid some
> overrun/underrun crashes with no extra cost, the latter is what I'm
> looking for.

You can implement this in user-space with existing kernel features.
1: place guard pages around mmap():ed data
2: parse /proc/self/maps and mmap(MAP_FIXED)
3: use a "safe" compiler or a dynamic binary instrumenter
4: use x86 segments (ugh!)
5: use a safe programming language

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