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SubjectRe: [PATCH] workqueue: fix locking in retry path of maybe_create_worker()
On 07/12/2010 03:23 PM, Yong Zhang wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 10:53:18AM +0200, Tejun Heo wrote:
>> maybe_create_worker() mismanaged locking when worker creation fails
>> and it has to retry. Fix locking and simplify lock manipulation.
>> Signed-off-by: Tejun Heo <>
>> Reported-by: Yong Zhang <>
>> ---
>> Heh, that was stupid. Thanks a lot for spotting it. I simplified
>> things a bit there as there's no reason to repeatedly lock and unlock
>> there. Does this look good to you?
> Yeah, this is better.

Pushed out to for-next-candidate branch.

git:// for-next-candidate

I'll push it to linux-next the next week.



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