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We are pleased to announce the next update to our new preempt-rt

Changes from to

42edbcb: gianfar: Fix TX ring processing on SMP machines
faf3581: timer_stats: Convert table_lock to raw_spin_lock
654e404: hvc_console: Fix race between hvc_close and hvc_remove
09fd768: hvc_console: Fix race between hvc_close and hvc_remove
ea2d2a0: perf: Fix errors path in perf_output_begin()
60bd946: KEYS: find_keyring_by_name() can gain access to a freed keyring
b5ac516: tracing: Update the comm field in the right variable in update_max_tr
77cb7c1: lockdep: Reduce stack_trace usage
cee9ee0: powerpc: Disable sparse irq for RT
c7dec16: powerpc: Enable interrupts in do_signal()

Changes from to

ec646ea: vfs: Revert the scalability patches

Changes from to

7e1af11: Merge git://

Bulk of changes comes from the stable tree and from the big revert of
the VFS scalability patches. They looked promising, but the nasty
details bit us hard. We'll revisit them later.

There are some pending issues:
- rtc_lock suspend/resume (working on a patch)
- futex requeue_pi (patch available, needs testing/confirmation)
- powerpc64 oddities (patch available, needs rework)

Download locations:

Git release branch:
git:// rt/2.6.33


Information on the RT patch can be found at:

To build the tree, the following patches should be

Enjoy !


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