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SubjectLinux 2.6.35-rc2

So -rc2 is out there, and hopefully fixes way more problems than it

I'm slightly unhappy with its size - admittedly it's not nearly as big as
rc2 was the last release cycle, but that was an unusually big -rc2. And I
really hoped for a calmer release cycle this time.

In fact, for once I'm going to enforce -rc3 being sane, because the
upcoming week is the last week of school for my kids. And when the kids
get out of school, I'm going be offline for a while. And as a result, I
_really_ don't want to pull anything even half-way scary in the next week
for -rc3.

So any pull requests had better be obvious fixes only, and this time I'm
not going to let things slide.

Anyway, the biggest patches in -rc2 are some staging drivers (70% of the
patch is just that), so while it's still biggish, at least most of it is
clearly staging.

Of the remaining non-staging 30%, half of _that_ is just the regular
drivers (drm: i915 and radeon, along with some dvb updates is a noticeable
chunk), with a new Core i7 EDAC driver that I had gotten a pull request
for before -rc1, but just hadn't had the energy to pull until -rc2 (same
goes for a build system update - the pull request predated -rc1).

And some late powerpc changes that I do _not_ think predated -rc1. Tssk.
I'm really not going to let things like that slide next -rc, as mentioned.

But the most important part is obviously the regression fixes, which tend
to be small and not show up much in the patch statistics. A number of
reverts, a number of fixes, hopefully things are all rosy.

And it really isn't _that_ bad - the -rc2 shortlog is almost never small
enough to be worth posting on the mailing list, but I think it's doable
this time, even if it's borderline. So ShortLog appended if people care
about the (summary of) details.

Abhijeet Dharmapurikar (1):
msm_serial: fix serial on trout

Abylay Ospan (1):
V4L/DVB: cx23885: Check register errors

Adam Jackson (4):
drm/i915/gen4: Extra CRT hotplug paranoia
drm/i915/dp: Only enable enhanced framing if the sink supports it
drm/i915/dp: Add DPCD data to debug output
drm/i915: Honor sync polarity from VBT panel timing descriptors

Akinobu Mita (2):
x86/mm: Remove unused DBG() macro
kernel/: fix BUG_ON checks for cpu notifier callbacks direct call

Al Viro (2):
mqueue doesn't need make_bad_inode()
fix the deadlock in qib_fs

Alan Cox (2):
edac: i7core_edac produces undefined behaviour on 32bit
intel_scu_ipc: Length fix

Alan Stern (1):
USB: unbind all interfaces before rebinding them

Albert Herranz (2):
Revert "fb_defio: fix for non-dirty ptes"
fb_defio: redo fix for non-dirty ptes

Alex Deucher (7):
drm/radeon/kms/evergreen: add initial CS parser
drm/radeon/kms/pm: add support for SetVoltage cmd table (V2)
drm/radeon/kms/pm: enable SetVoltage on r7xx/evergreen
drm/radeon/kms/pm: patch default power state with default clocks/voltages on r6xx+
drm/radeon/kms/pm: radeon_set_power_state fixes
drm/radeon/kms/pm: voltage fixes
drm/radeon/kms: make sure display hw is disabled when suspending

Alexander Beregalov (2):
genksyms: close ref_file after use
i7core_edac: fix memory leak of i7core_dev

Alexander Kurz (4):
serial_cs: add and sort IDs for serial and modem cards
Staging: comedi: fix 8255 and DAS08 Kconfig dependancies.
Staging: comedi: fixing ni_tio to mite PCI dependancy
Staging: comedi: fixing ni_labpc to mite dependancy

Alexandre Bounine (1):
of/powerpc: fix 85xx RapidIO device node pointer

Amit K. Arora (1):
sched: Make sure timers have migrated before killing the migration_thread

Amit Shah (2):
virtio: console: Fix crash when hot-unplugging a port and read is blocked
virtio: console: Fix crash when port is unplugged and blocked for write

Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli (1):
powerpc/kprobes: Remove resume_execution() in kprobes

Anatolij Gustschin (15):
powerpc/44x: icon: select SM502 and frame buffer console support
can: mpc5xxx_can.c: Fix build failure
of/spi: mpc512x_psc_spi.c: Fix build failures
of/mtd/nand: mpc5121_nfc.c: Fix build failures
of/dma: mpc512x_dma.c: Fix build failures
of/pcmcia: m8xx_pcmcia.c: Fix build failures
of/video: fix build breakage in FB drivers
of/mtd: nand: fix build breakage in drivers
of/dma: fix build breakage in ppc4xx adma driver
of/crypto: crypto4xx_core.c: fix build breakage
of/usb: fsl_qe_udc.c: fix build breakage
of/net: fs_enet/mii-bitbang.c: fix build breakage
of/edac: fix build breakage in drivers
of/watchdog: gef_wdt.c: fix build breakage
crypto: crypto4xx - Fix build breakage

Andi Kleen (2):
Improve kconfig symbol hashing
kbuild: move -fno-dwarf2-cfi-asm to powerpc only

Andrea Gelmini (2):
drbd: removed duplicated #includes
Documentation/i2c: Checkpatch cleanup

Andreas Schwab (1):
powerpc/macio: Don't dereference pointer before null check

Andrew Hendry (1):
Minix: Clean up left over label

Andrew Morton (1):
lib/kobject_uevent.c: fix CONIG_NET=n warning

Andy Fleming (1):
powerpc/85xx: Enable support for ports 3 and 4 on 8548 CDS

Andy Walls (1):
V4L/DVB: cx18, cx23885, v4l2 doc, MAINTAINERS: Update Andy Walls' email address

Ang Way Chuang (1):
V4L/DVB: dvb-core: Fix ULE decapsulation bug

Anton Vorontsov (1):
powerpc/fsl-booke: Add hibernation support for FSL BookE processors

Aristeu Rozanski (1):
pci: Add a probing code that seeks for an specific bus

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (1):
perf buildid-list: Fix --with-hits event processing

Arnd Bergmann (1):
cris: push down BKL into some device drivers

Aurelien Jarno (1):
clocksource: sh_tmu: compute mult and shift before registration

Axel Lin (1):
USB: cdc-acm: fix resource reclaim in error path of acm_probe

Barry Song (1):
Staging: iio-utils: fix memory overflow for dynamically allocateded memory to hold filename

Ben Dooks (3):
USB: s3c-hsotg: Ensure TX FIFO addresses setup when initialising FIFOs
USB: s3c-hsotg: SoftDisconnect minimum 3ms
USB: s3c-hsotg: Ensure FIFOs are fully flushed after layout

Ben Hutchings (6):
V4L/DVB: dw2102: Select tda10023 frontend, not tda10021
V4L/DVB: budget: Select correct frontends
V4L/DVB: dib0700: Select dib0090 frontend
V4L/DVB: m920x: Select simple tuner
sfc: Get port number from CS_PORT_NUM, not PCI function number
sfc: Store port number in net_device::dev_id

Ben McKeegan (1):
ppp_generic: fix multilink fragment sizes

Ben Skeggs (8):
drm/nouveau: fix POST detection for certain chipsets
drm/nv40: allow cold-booting of nv4x chipsets
drm/nouveau: don't execute INIT_GPIO unless we're really running the table
drm/nv50: fix duallink_possible calculation for DCB 4.0 cards
drm/nv50: obey dcb->duallink_possible
drm/nouveau: fix dual-link displays when plugged into single-link outputs
drm/nv50: use alternate source of SOR_MODE_CTRL for DP hack
drm/nv50: cast IGP memory location to u64 before shifting

Benjamin Herrenschmidt (3):
powerpc/44x: Fix UART clocks on 440SPe
powerpc: Don't export cvt_fd & _df when CONFIG_PPC_FPU is not set
powerpc/macio: Fix probing of macio devices by using the right of match table

Borislav Petkov (2):
perf-record: Check correct pid when forking
x86, smpboot: Fix cores per node printing on boot

Brian Haley (1):
IPv6: fix Mobile IPv6 regression

Bruno Randolf (1):
ath5k: wake queues on reset

Cesar Eduardo Barros (1):
arch/um: fix kunmap_atomic() call in skas/uaccess.c

Changli Gao (4):
skb: make skb_recycle_check() return a bool value
act_nat: fix the wrong checksum when addr isn't in old_addr/mask
cls_u32: use skb_header_pointer() to dereference data safely
act_pedit: access skb->data safely

Chris Wilson (18):
drm/i915: Fail to load driver if KMS request without GEM
agp/intel: Restrict GTT mapping to valid range on i915 and i945
drm/i915: Kill dangerous pending-flip debugging
drm/i915: Only print an message if there was an error
drm/i915: Hold the spinlock whilst resetting unpin_work along error path
drm/i915: Avoid nesting of domain changes when setting display plane
drm/i915: Propagate error from unbinding an unfenceable object.
drm/i915: Only print "nothing to do" debug message as required.
drm/i915: Include pitch in set_base debug statement.
drm/i915: Rebind bo if currently bound with incorrect alignment.
drm/i915: Remove spurious warning "Failure to install fence"
drm/i915: Check error code whilst moving buffer to GTT domain.
drm/i915: Reject bind_to_gtt() early if object > aperture
drm/i915: Cleanup after failed initialization of ringbuffers
drm/i915: Avoid moving from CPU domain during pwrite
drm/i915: Use non-atomic kmap for slow copy paths
drm/i915: Fix up address spaces in slow_kernel_write()
drm/i915: Move non-phys cursors into the GTT

Christian Lamparter (1):
ar9170usb: fix read from freed driver context

Christoph Fritz (1):
ssb: fix NULL ptr deref when pcihost_wrapper is used

Christoph Hellwig (7):
xfs: cleanup log reservation calculactions
xfs: clean up xlog_align
xfs: fix access to upper inodes without inode64
xfs: remove done roadmap item from xfs-delayed-logging-design.txt
xfs: skip writeback from reclaim context
xfs: improve xfs_isilocked
virtio-blk: fix minimum number of S/G elements

Cory Maccarrone (1):
omap: remove BUG_ON for disabled interrupts

Dan Carpenter (21):
i915/intel_sdvo: remove unneeded null check
i915: remove unneeded null checks
be2net: add unlock on error path
be2net: remove superfluous externs
caif: unlock on error path in cfserl_receive()
V4L/DVB: em28xx: remove unneeded null checks
V4L/DVB: video/saa7134: remove duplicate break
V4L/DVB: video/saa7134: change dprintk() to i2cdprintk()
cciss: call BUG() earlier
SFI: do not return freed pointer
FS-Cache: Remove unneeded null checks
Input: tps6507x-ts - a couple work queue cleanups
e1000e: change logical negate to bitwise
isdn/kcapi: return -EFAULT on copy_from_user errors
tehuti: return -EFAULT on copy_to_user errors
kobject: free memory if netlink_kernel_create() fails
TTY/n_gsm: potential double lock
vt_ioctl: return -EFAULT on copy_from_user errors
Staging: rc2860: return -EFAULT on copy_to_user errors
Staging: sep: return -EFAULT on copy_to_user errors
fcntl: return -EFAULT if copy_to_user fails

Daniel J Blueman (2):
i915: fix lock imbalance on error path...
fix cpu_chain section mismatch...

Daniel Mack (10):
ALSA: usb-audio: UAC2: clean up parsing of bmaControls
ALSA: usb-audio: support partially write-protected UAC2 controls
include/linux/usb/audio-v2.h: add more UAC2 details
ALSA: usb-audio: fix selector unit string index accessor
ALSA: usb-audio: parse clock topology of UAC2 devices
ALSA: usb-audio: unify constants from specification
ALSA: usb-audio: add UAC2 sepecific Feature Unit controls
ALSA: usb-audio: clean up find_audio_control_unit()
ALSA: usb-audio: export UAC2 clock selectors as mixer controls
USB: ftdi_sio: fix DTR/RTS line modes

Daniel T Chen (4):
ALSA: hda: Use LPIB for an ASUS device
ALSA: hda: Use mb31 quirk for an iMac model
ALSA: hda: Use LPIB for another mainboard
ALSA: hda: Use LPIB for ASUS M2V

Daniel Vetter (1):
drm/i915: combine all small integers into one single bitfield

Daniele Lacamera (1):
TCP: tcp_hybla: Fix integer overflow in slow start increment

Dave Airlie (3):
drm/nouveau: attempt to get bios from ACPI v3
drm/nouveau: fixup confusion over which handle the DSM is hanging off.
drm/kms: disable/enable poll around switcheroo on/off

Dave Chinner (3):
xfs: Check new inode size is OK before preallocating
xfs: fix might_sleep() warning when initialising per-ag tree
xfs: fix race in inode cluster freeing failing to stale inodes

David Rientjes (1):
kbuild: improve version string logic

David S. Miller (4):
n2_crypto: Fix build after of_device/of_platform_driver changes.
n2_crypto: Fix MAU kmem_cache name.
n2_crypto: Plumb fallback ahash requests properly.
greth: Fix build after OF device conversions.

Denis Kirjanov (4):
ksz884x: convert to netdev_tx_t
ksz884x: Add missing validate_addr hook
AFS: Fix possible null pointer dereference in afs_alloc_server()
powerpc/cell: Fix integer constant warning

Denys Vlasenko (18):
Rename .bss.stack to .bss..stack.
Rename .data.gate to .data..gate.
Rename .data.init_irqstack to .data..init_irqstack.
Rename .data..patch.XXX to .data..patch.XXX.
Rename .data[.percpu][.XXX] to .data[..percpu][..XXX].
Rename .data.read_mostly to .data..read_mostly.
Rename .data.vmpages and .data.vm0.XXX to .data..vmpages and .data..vm0.XXX.
Rename .rodata.compressed to .rodata..compressed.
Rename .text.ivt to .text..ivt.
Rename .text.lock to .text..lock.
Rename .text.page_aligned to .text..page_aligned.
Rename .text.startup to .text..startup.
Rename .data.nosave to .data..nosave.
Rename .data.init to .data..init.
Rename .data.initvect to .data..initvect.
Rename .data.lock_aligned to .data..lock_aligned.
Rename special text sections in arch/frv from .text.XXX to .text..XXX.
Rename .text.start to .text..start.

Dmitri Belimov (1):
V4L/DVB: tm6000, reset I2C bus function

Dmitry Monakhov (1):
ext4: Fix remaining racy updates of EXT4_I(inode)->i_flags

Dmitry Torokhov (2):
Input: ads7846 - fix compiler warning in ads7846_probe()
vmware balloon: clamp number of collected non-balloonable pages

Don Zickus (1):
scripts: change scripts to use system python instead of env

Eric Anholt (3):
drm/i915: Move ringbuffer-related code to intel_ringbuffer.c.
drm/i915: Rename dev_priv->ring to dev_priv->render_ring.
drm/i915: Clean up leftover bits from hws move to ring structure.

Eric Bénard (1):
net/fec: fix pm to survive to suspend/resume

Eric Dumazet (6):
net: fix sk_forward_alloc corruptions
netfilter: xtables: stackptr should be percpu
net: sock_queue_err_skb() dont mess with sk_forward_alloc
xfrm: force a dst reference in __xfrm_route_forward()
rps: tcp: fix rps_sock_flow_table table updates
tcp: use correct net ns in cookie_v4_check()

Eric Sandeen (2):
xfs: replace E2BIG with EFBIG where appropriate
xfs: be more explicit if RT mount fails due to config

FEJES Jozsef (1):
kbuild: deb-pkg md5sums

Florian Westphal (1):
syncookies: remove Kconfig text line about disabled-by-default

Frank Pan (1):
tty: fix a little bug in scrup, vt.c

Frederic Weisbecker (4):
perf_events: Fix unincremented buffer base on partial copy
perf: Process comm events by tid
perf: Use event__process_task from perf sched
perf: Do the comm inheritance per thread in event__process_task

Graf Yang (1):
serial: bfin_5xx: IRDA is not affected by anomaly 05000230

Grant Likely (4):
of/usb: fix build error due to of_node pointer move
of/spi: Fix build failure on spi_ppc4xx.c
of/rtc: rtc-mpc5121.c: Fix build failures
usb: fix ehci_hcd build failure when both generic-OF and xilinx is selected

Greg Thelen (2):
kbuild: Fix checking of scm-identifier variable
cgroups: alloc_css_id() increments hierarchy depth

Guennadi Liakhovetski (2):
tags: include headers before source files
fbdev: fix erroneous index in drivers/video/sh_mobile_lcdcfb.c

Guy Martin (2):
V4L/DVB: TT CT-3650 DVB-C support
V4L/DVB: stv6110x: Fix kernel null pointer deref

Haiying Wang (1):
powerpc/85xx: Add P1021MDS board support

Hans Verkuil (30):
V4L/DVB: bw-qcam: convert to V4L2
V4L/DVB: c-qcam: convert to V4L2
V4L/DVB: V4L2 Spec: Improve the VIDIOC_QUERY_DV_PRESET description
V4L/DVB: saa7115: add s_mbus_fmt op
V4L/DVB: cx25840: add support for s_mbus_fmt
V4L/DVB: saa717x: add support for s_mbus_fmt
V4L/DVB: ivtv: convert to use s_mbus_fmt
V4L/DVB: cx18: add s_mbus_fmt support
V4L/DVB: cx18: remove old g/s_fmt from the cx18_av subdev
V4L/DVB: saa7127: remove obsolete g_fmt support
V4L/DVB: saa717x: remove obsolete s_fmt op
V4L/DVB: v4l2-mediabus.h: add two helper functions
V4L/DVB: saa6752hs: add g/s_mbus_fmt support
V4L/DVB: saa7134: convert to use the new mbus API
V4L/DVB: pvrusb2: convert to s_mbus_fmt
V4L/DVB: cx23885: convert to s_mbus_fmt
V4L/DVB: cx231xx: convert to s_mbus_fmt
V4L/DVB: cx24850: remove obsolete g/s_fmt ops
V4L/DVB: saa7115: remove obsolete g/s_fmt ops
V4L/DVB: v4l2-mediabus.h: added V4L2_MBUS_FMT_SGRBG8_1X8
V4L/DVB: mt9v011: add enum/try/s_mbus_fmt support
V4L/DVB: tvp5150: remove obsolete g/s_fmt ops
V4L/DVB: au8522_decoder: g/s_fmt doesn't do anything: remove
V4L/DVB: v4l2-subdev.h: fix enum_mbus_fmt prototype
V4L/DVB: tvp514x: do NOT change the std as a side effect
V4L/DVB: tvp514x: make std_list const
V4L/DVB: tvp514x: there is only one supported format, so simplify the code
V4L/DVB: tvp514x: add missing newlines
V4L/DVB: tvp514x: remove obsolete fmt_list
V4L/DVB: tvp514x: simplify try/g/s_fmt handling

Heiko Carstens (3):
fs/compat_rw_copy_check_uvector: add missing compat_ptr call
ramoops: add HAS_IOMEM dependency
lib: add s390 to atomic64_dec_if_positive archs

Henk de Groot (1):
Staging: wlags49_h2, wlags49_h25: fixed Kconfig dependencies

Hermann Gausterer (1):
V4L/DVB: Technotrend S2-3200 ships with a TT 1500 remote

Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski (2):
V4L/DVB: saa7134: add support for Avermedia M733A
V4L/DVB: saa7134: add RM-K6 remote control support for Avermedia M135A

Himanshu Chauhan (1):
scripts/kallsyms: suppress build warning

Huang Weiyi (5):
sh: remove duplicated #include
xfs: xfs_trace.c: remove duplicated #include
xfs: remove duplicated #include
V4L/DVB: ngene: remove unused #include <linux/version.h>
X25: remove duplicated #include

Hui Zhu (3): fix for faulting instruction in the first line of a range add options to improve cross-sompilation environments minor fixes

Ian Abbott (7):
Staging: comedi: Give the addi_apci_* drivers different driver names
Staging: comedi: addi-data: don't overwrite name for request_irq()
Staging: comedi: adv_pci_dio: Support Advantech PCI-1735U
Staging: comedi: amplc_dio200: Protect counter subdevice with spinlock
Staging: comedi: don't write to buffer if command finished
Staging: comedi: COMEDI_BUFINFO with no async - report no bytes read or written
Staging: comedi: For COMEDI_BUFINFO, check access to command

Ian Armstrong (4):
V4L/DVB: cx2341x: Report correct temporal setting for log-status
V4L/DVB: ivtvfb : Module load / unload fixes
V4L/DVB: ivtv: Avoid accidental video standard change
V4L/DVB: ivtv: Timing tweaks and code re-order to try and improve stability

Ian Campbell (2):
xen: ensure timer tick is resumed even on CPU driving the resume
xen: avoid allocation causing potential swap activity on the resume path

Igor M. Liplianin (1):
V4L/DVB: Bug fix: make IR work again for dm1105

Jakob Bornecrantz (12):
drm/vmwgfx: Assume larger framebuffer max size.
drm/vmwgfx: Fix single framebuffer detection.
drm/vmwgfx: Make sure to unpin old and pin new framebuffer.
drm/vmwgfx: Get connector status from detection function.
drm/vmwgfx: Support older hardware.
drm/vmwgfx: Remove duplicate member from struct vmw_legacy_display_unit.
drm/vmwgfx: Don't use SVGA_REG_ENABLE in modesetting code.
drm/vmwgfx: Some modesetting cleanups and fixes.
drm/vmwgfx: Unpause overlay on update.
drm/vmwgfx: Print warnings in kernel log about bo pinning that fails.
drm/vmwgfx: Fix framebuffer modesetting
drm/vmwgfx: Allow userspace to change default layout. Bump minor.

Jan III Sobieski (1):
add random binaries to .gitignore

Jarod Wilson (2):
V4L/DVB: IR/imon: clean up usage of bools
V4L/DVB: IR/imon: add auto-config for 0xffdc rf device

Jaroslav Kysela (1):
ALSA: hda-intel - fix wallclk variable update and condition

Jason Gunthorpe (1):
kbuild: Include and the file list in the .d file

Jean Delvare (5):
V4L/DVB: FusionHDTV: Use quick reads for I2C IR device probing
i2c: Share the I2C device presence detection code
i2c: Check for address validity on client registration
i2c: Document reserved I2C addresses
i2c: Rename i2c_check_addr to i2c_check_addr_busy

Jean-François Moine (2):
V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixb: Have 0c45:602e handled by sonixb instead of sn9c102
V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Add information about some potential JPEG webcams

Jeff Kirsher (1):
ixgbe: return IXGBE_ERR_RAR_INDEX when out of range

Jeff Layton (1):
cifs: fix page refcount leak

Jens Axboe (8):
pipe: F_SETPIPE_SZ should return -EPERM for non-root
pipe: make F_{GET,SET}PIPE_SZ deal with byte sizes
Revert "writeback: ensure that WB_SYNC_NONE writeback with sb pinned is sync"
Revert "writeback: fix WB_SYNC_NONE writeback from umount"
block: disable preemption before using sched_clock()
pipe: adjust minimum pipe size to 1 page
pipe: change the privilege required for growing a pipe beyond system max
pipe: change /proc/sys/fs/pipe-max-pages to byte sized interface

Jesper Nilsson (6):
CRISv32: Remove duplicated Kconfig items.
CRISv32: Fix RS485 port 4 CD Kconfig item.
CRISv10: Trivial fixes.
CRISv10: Whitespace fixes for hw_settings.S
CRIS: Simplify param.h by simply including <asm-generic/param.h>
CRIS: Don't use mask_irq as symbol name

Jesse Barnes (2):
drm/i915: add timeout to FBC disable waits
drm/i915: add power monitoring support

Jiafu He (1):
kbuild: Fix linking error built-in.o no such file or directory

Jiri Slaby (1):
EDAC: add __init to i7core_xeon_pci_fixup

Joe Perches (2):
Makefile: Document ability to make file.lst and file.S
net/ipv4/tcp_input.c: fix compilation breakage when FASTRETRANS_DEBUG > 1

Joerg Roedel (2):
x86/amd-iommu: Fix crash when request_mem_region fails
x86/amd-iommu: Fall back to GART if initialization fails

Johan Hovold (1):
USB: mos7840: fix null-pointer dereference

Johannes Berg (3):
mac80211: make a function static
mac80211: fix blockack-req processing
mac80211: fix dialog token allocator

John Fastabend (3):
net: init_vlan should not copy slave or master flags
net: fix conflict between null_or_orig and null_or_bond
ixgbe: only check pfc bits in hang logic if pfc is enabled

John Kacur (2):
tags: Fix spelling error in comment (is->if)
tags: Add the ability to make tags for all archs using "all"

John Saalwaechter (1):
scripts: use %_tmppath in "make rpm-pkg"

John W. Linville (1):
Revert "rt2x00: Fix rt2800usb TX descriptor writing."

Julia Lawall (10):
arch/x86/kernel: Add missing spin_unlock
fs/xfs/quota: Add missing mutex_unlock
drivers/isdn/hardware/mISDN: Add missing spin_unlock
net/rds: Add missing mutex_unlock
V4L/DVB: drivers/media: Use kzalloc
V4L/DVB: drivers/media: Eliminate a NULL pointer dereference
drivers/isdn/hardware/mISDN: Use GFP_ATOMIC when a lock is held
USB: serial: digi_acceleport: Eliminate a NULL pointer dereference
staging: Use GFP_ATOMIC when a lock is held
Staging: Eliminate a NULL pointer dereference

Justin P. Mattock (1):
ath9k: Fix ath_print in xmit for hardware reset.

KOSAKI Motohiro (1):
vmscan: fix do_try_to_free_pages() return value when priority==0 reclaim failure

Keith Mannthey (2):
i7core_edac: Fix ecc enable shift
i7core_edac: Probe on Xeons eariler

Kirill Smelkov (1):
kbuild: fix a couple of typos in Documentation

Konstantin Khlebnikov (2):
cfq-iosched: remove dead_key from cfq_io_context
cfq-iosched: compact io_context radix_tree

Konstantin Stepanyuk (1):
perf hist: fix objdump output parsing

Krzysztof Halasa (1):
drm/i915: Add support for interlaced display.

Kuninori Morimoto (4):
sh: make sure static declaration on mach-ap325rxa
sh: make sure static declaration on mach-ecovec24
sh: make sure static declaration on mach-migor
sh: make sure static declaration on ms7724se

Lan Chunhe-B25806 (1):
powerpc/fsl_msi: Add multiple MSI bank support

Lars Ellenberg (5):
drbd: improve network latency, TCP_QUICKACK
drbd: need to set socket bufsize early to take effect
drbd: improve usage of MSG_MORE
drbd: fix hang on local read errors while disconnected
drbd: use drbd specific ratelimit instead of global printk_ratelimit

Len Brown (1):
ACPI: update feature-removal.txt to reflect deleted acpi=ht option

Li Peng (1):
drm/i915: Add CxSR support on Pineview DDR3

Li Yang (5):
powerpc/fsl_msi: fix the conflict of virt_msir's chip_data
powerpc/fsl_msi: enable msi allocation in all banks
powerpc/fsl_msi: enable msi sharing through AMP OSes
powerpc/fsl_msi: add removal path and probe failing path
powerpc/85xx: Change MPC8572DS camp dtses for MSI sharing

Li Zefan (9):
kconfig: recalc symbol value before showing search results
kconfig: some small fixes
kconfig: fix zconfdump()
gconfig: remove dbg_print_ptype() and dbg_print_stype()
gconfig: remove show_debug option
menuconfig: add support to show hidden options which have prompts
gconfig: add support to show hidden options that have prompts
drm/i915: Convert more trace events to DEFINE_EVENT
xfs: convert more trace events to DEFINE_EVENT

Linus Torvalds (3):
module: Make the 'usage' lists be two-way
module: move find_module check to end
Linux 2.6.35-rc2

Maarten Maathuis (1):
drm/nouveau: allow cursor image and position to survive suspend

Magnus Damm (4):
sh: allow romImage data between head.S and the zero page
sh: prepare MMCIF driver header file
sh: add boot code to MMCIF driver header
sh: add romImage MMCIF boot for sh7724 and Ecovec V2

Marcin Kościelnicki (1):
drm/nouveau: Add getparam for current PTIMER time.

Marek Lindner (1):
Staging: batman-adv: fix rogue packets on shutdown

Mark Brown (2):
Input: s3c2410_ts - fix build error due to ADC Kconfig rename
Input: s3c2410_ts - tone down logging

Mark Ware (1):
fs_enet: Adjust BDs after tx error

Martin Homuth-Rosemann (1):
Staging: comedi - correct parameter gainlkup for DAQCard-6024E in driver ni_mio_cs.c

Mauro Carvalho Chehab (72):
i7core_edac: Add an EDAC memory controller driver for Nehalem chipsets
i7core_edac: Add error insertion code for Nehalem
i7core_edac: Add more status functions to EDAC driver
i7core_edac: Registers all supported MC functions
i7core_edac: Show read/write virtual/physical channel association
i7core_edac: A few fixes at error injection code
i7core_edac: need mci->edac_check, otherwise module removal doesn't work
i7core_edac: Add a memory check routine, based on device 3 function 4
i7core_edac: Add additional tests for error detection
i7core_edac: Properly fill struct csrow_info
i7core_edac: Improve error handling
i7core_edac: Add more information about each active dimm
i7core_edac: Get more info about the memory DIMMs
i7core_edac: Memory info fixes and preparation for properly filling cswrow data
i7core_edac: fill csrows edac sysfs info
i7core_edac: CodingStyle fixes
edac_mce: Add an interface driver to report mce errors via edac
edac/Kconfig: edac_mce can't be module
i7core_edac: Add edac_mce glue
i7core_edac: Adds write unlock to MC registers
i7core_edac: Add a code to probe Xeon 55xx bus
i7core_edac: add support for more than one MC socket
i7core_edac: maps all sockets as if ther are one MC controller
i7core_edac: decode mcelog error and send it via edac interface
i7core_edac: some fixes at memory error parser
i7core: fix probing on Xeon55xx
i7core: check if the memory error is fatal or non-fatal
i7core: enrich error information based on memory transaction type
i7core: fix get_devices routine for Xeon55xx
i7core: better document i7core_get_active_channels()
i7core: add socket info at the debug msg
i7core: remove some uneeded noisy debug messages
i7core_edac: Some cleanups at displayed info
i7core_edac: some fixes at error injection code
i7core_edac: fix error codes for sysfs error injection interface
i7core_edac: fix error injection
Documentation/edac.txt: Add Nehalem specific EDAC characteristics
i7core_edac: CodingSyle fixes/cleanups
i7core_edac: Print an error message if pci register fails
i7core_edac: Use Device 3 function 2 to report errors with RDIMM's
i7core: Use registered memories per processor
i7core_edac: Improve corrected_error_counts output for RDIMM
i7core: temporary workaround to allow it to compile against 2.6.30
Dynamically allocate memory for PCI devices
i7core_edac: create one mc per socket/QPI
i7core_edac: sanity check: print a warning if a mcelog is ignored
i7core_edac: a few fixes for multiple mc's
Documentation/edac.txt: Improve it to reflect the latest changes at the driver
i7core_edac: Fix a bug when printing error counts with RDIMMs
i7core_edac: at remove, don't remove all pci devices at once
i7core_edac: remove static counter for max sockets
i7core_edac: change remove module strategy
i7core_edac: We need to use list_for_each_entry_safe to avoid errors
i7core_edac: Avoid printing a warning when debug is disabled
edac_core: Allow the creation of sysfs groups
i7core_edac: Add support for sysfs addrmatch group
edac: store/show methods for device groups weren't working
edac: Don't create csrow entries on instance groups
i7core_edac: Convert UDIMM error counters into a proper sysfs group
Documentation/edac.txt: Reflect the sysfs changes at the document
edac: Create an unique instance for each kobj
i7core_edac: Use a lockless ringbuffer
i7core_edac: Better parse "any" addrmask
i7core_edac: First store, then increment
i7core_edac: Fix ringbuffer maxsize
i7core_edac: PCI device is called NONCORE, instead of NOCORE
i7core_edac: Use a more generic approach for probing PCI devices
i7core_edac: Add initial support for Lynnfield
i7core: add support for Lynnfield alternate address
i7core_edac: Fix wrong device id for channel 1 devices
i7core_edac: Add support for X5670
i7core_edac: Better describe the supported devices

Maurus Cuelenaere (3):
USB: s3c_hsotg: define USB_GADGET_DUALSPEED in Kconfig
rtc: s3c: initialize driver data before using it
rtc: s3c: initialize s3c_rtc_cpu_type before using it

Michael Chan (1):
bnx2: Fix hang during rmmod bnx2.

Michael Guntsche (1):
watchdog: Fix build failure with OF changes

Michael S. Tsirkin (1):
virtio-net: pass gfp to add_buf

Michal Marek (8):
nconfig: mark local functions as such
scripts/mkcompile_h: don't test for hardcoded paths
MAINTAINERS: add a few more patterns to kbuild
tags: Use $SRCARCH
kbuild: Do not unnecessarily regenerate modules.builtin
Revert "kbuild: specify absolute paths for cscope"
kbuild: Generate modules.builtin in make modules_install
kbuild: Revert part of e8d400a to resolve a conflict

Mike Frysinger (5):
USB: isp1362: fix inw warning on Blackfin systems
Staging: adis16255: fix typo in Kconfig
Staging: adis16255: add proper section markings to hotplug funcs
fs/binfmt_flat.c: split the stack & data alignments
flat: fix unmap len in load error path

Mike Isely (7):
V4L/DVB: pvrusb2: Fix Gotview hardware support
V4L/DVB: pvrusb2: Avoid using stack allocated buffers when performing USB I/O
V4L/DVB: pvrusb2: New feature to mark specific hardware support as experimental
V4L/DVB: pvrusb2: Fix kernel oops at device unregistration
V4L/DVB: pvrusb2: Fix USB parent device reference count
V4L/DVB: pvrusb2: Fix minor internal array allocation
V4L/DVB: pvrusb2: Fix kernel oops on device tear-down

Mike Snitzer (3):
block: Adjust elv_iosched_show to return "none" for bio-based DM
block: avoid unconditionally freeing previously allocated request_queue
block: make blk_init_free_list and elevator_init idempotent

Mikulas Patocka (1):
Fix colors for Mach64

Nick Piggin (9):
fs/splice.c: fix mapping_gfp_mask usage
brd: support discard
fix setattr error handling in sysfs, configfs
fix setattr error handling in sysfs, configfs
fix truncate inode time modification breakage
frv: invoke oom-killer from page fault
m32r: invoke oom-killer from page fault
mn10300: invoke oom-killer from page fault
xtensa: invoke oom-killer from page fault

Nicolas Kaiser (1):
drm: fix typos in Linux DRM Developer's Guide

Nir Tzachar (1):
nconfig: minor fix

Oleg Nesterov (1):
sys_personality: change sys_personality() to accept "unsigned int" instead of u_long

Oliver Endriss (6):
V4L/DVB: ngene: Support new device 'Digital Devices DuoFlex S2 miniPCIe'
V4L/DVB: ngene: Do not call demuxer with interrupts disabled
V4L/DVB: ngene: Implement support for MSI
V4L/DVB: ngene: Make command timeout workaround configurable
V4L/DVB: ngene: MSI cleanup
V4L/DVB: ngene: Remove debug message

Olof Johansson (1):
powerpc/pasemi: Update MAINTAINERS file

Paul Mackerras (1):
agp/uninorth: Fix oops caused by flushing too much

Paul Mundt (11):
serial: sh-sci: fix up serial DMA build.
sh: handle early calls to return_address() when using dwarf unwinder.
input: serio: disable i8042 for non-cayman sh platforms.
usb: gadget: m66592-udc pio to mmio accessor conversion.
usb: gadget: r8a66597-udc pio to mmio accessor conversion.
usb: r8a66597-hcd pio to mmio accessor conversion.
sh: support for platforms without PIO.
sh: mach-sdk7786: conditionally disable PIO support.
sh: PIO disabling for x3proto and urquell.
clocksource: sh_cmt: compute mult and shift before registration
sh: Make intc messages consistent via pr_fmt.

Peter Zijlstra (7):
perf_events: Fix races and clean up perf_event and perf_mmap_data interaction
perf_events: Fix races in group composition
perf_events, trace: Fix probe unregister race
perf_events, trace: Fix perf_trace_destroy(), mutex went missing
sched: Fix wake_affine() vs RT tasks
sched, trace: Fix sched_switch() prev_state argument
perf: Fix crash in swevents

Phil Sutter (3):
korina: fix deadlock on RX FIFO overrun
korina: use netdev_alloc_skb_ip_align() here, too
korina: count RX DMA OVR as rx_fifo_error

Philipp Kohlbecher (1):
.gitignore: ignore *.lzo files

Philipp Reisner (4):
drbd: Revert "drbd: Create new current UUID as late as possible"
drbd: Removed the now empty w_io_error() function
drbd: Reduce verbosity
Preparing 8.3.8rc2

Pierre Tardy (1):
perf scripts python: Give field dict to unhandled callback

Ping Cheng (1):
Input: wacom - add Cintiq 21UX2 and Intuos4 WL

Prarit Bhargava (2):
libertas: fix uninitialized variable warning
V4L/DVB: Add notification to cxusb_dualdig4_rev2_frontend_attach() error handling

Rabin Vincent (1):
scripts: add ARM support to decodecode

Rafael J. Wysocki (2):
ACPI / EC / PM: Fix race between EC transactions and system suspend
ACPI / EC / PM: Fix names of functions that block/unblock EC transactions

Randy Dunlap (7):
edac: fix i7core build
blktrace: Fix new kernel-doc warnings
V4L/DVB: [-next] IR: fix ir-nec-decoder build, select BITREVERSE
V4L/DVB: ak881x needs slab.h
V4L/DVB: media/IR: nec-decoder needs to select BITREV
Documentation/timers/hpet_example.c: only build on X86
Staging: phison: depends on ATA_BMDMA

Richard Kennedy (1):
gconfig: fix build failure on fedora 13

Roberto Sassu (1):
wrong type for 'magic' argument in simple_fill_super()

Roland Dreier (1):
epic100: Test __BIG_ENDIAN instead of (non-existent) CONFIG_BIG_ENDIAN

Roland McGrath (1):
kconfig CROSS_COMPILE option

Rusty Russell (7):
module: fix reference to mod->percpu after freeing module.
module: fix kdb's illicit use of struct module_use.
module: move sysfs exposure to end of load_module
module: Make module sysfs functions private.
module: make locking more fine-grained.
module: verify_export_symbols under the lock
module: fix bne2 "gave up waiting for init of module libcrc32c"

Ryusuke Konishi (2):
nilfs2: fix style issue in nilfs_destroy_cachep
nilfs2: remove obsolete declarations of cache constructor and destructor

Rémi Denis-Courmont (1):
Phonet: listening socket lock protects the connected socket list

Sarah Sharp (3):
USB: xhci: Wait for controller to be ready after reset.
USB: xhci: Wait for host to start running.
USB: xhci: Print NEC firmware version.

Sascha Hauer (2):
ASoC: Add missing Kconfig entry for Phytec boards
ASoC: MX31ads sound support should depend on MACH_MX31ADS_WM1133_EV1

Sathya Perla (1):
be2net: convert hdr.timeout in be_cmd_loopback_test() to le32

Scott Feldman (1):
enic: bug fix: make the set/get netlink VF_PORT support symmetrical

Scott Wood (1):
powerpc/e500mc: Implement machine check handler.

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior (3):
powerpc/fsl-booke: fix the case where we are not in the first page
powerpc/fsl-booke: Move the entry setup code into a seperate file
powerpc/kexec: Add support for FSL-BookE

Shaohua Li (1):
cfq-iosched: fix an oops caused by slab leak

Sonic Zhang (1):
serial: bfin_5xx: fix typo in IER check

Sreedhara DS (1):
Staging: mid: Intel MID touch screen driver

Stefan Richter (1):
libata-sff: trivial corrections to Kconfig help text

Stefan Ringel (10):
V4L/DVB: tm6000: add extension module support
V4L/DVB: tm6000: Remove an extra ; symbol
V4L/DVB: tm6000: bugfix incorrect size
V4L/DVB: tm6000: add vbi message inside the type switch
V4L/DVB: tm6000: bugfix video image
V4L/DVB: tm6000: bugfix stabilizing urb data
V4L/DVB: tm6000: Add control to the power led
V4L/DVB: tm6000: Properly select the tuners
V4L/DVB: tm6000: set variable dev_mode in function tm6000_start_stream
V4L/DVB: tm6000: add DVB support for tuner xc5000

Stefan Roese (2):
powerpc/44x: Add reset-type to katmai.dts
powerpc/44x: Add basic ICON PPC440SPe board support

Steffen Klassert (1):
net: check for refcount if pop a stacked dst_entry

Stepan Moskovchenko (1):
Staging: add MSM framebuffer driver

Stephane Eranian (1):
perf_events: Fix event scheduling issues introduced by transactional API

Stephen Hemminger (9):
scripts: improve checkstack
checkincludes: fix perlcritic warnings
checkversion: perl cleanup
namespace: perlcritic warnings
profile2linkerlist: fix perl warnings
export_report: fix perl warnings
headers_check: fix perl warnings
headers_install: use local file handles
headerdep: perlcritic warning

Stephen Rothwell (1):
i7core_edac: do not export static functions

Sven Eckelmann (3):
Staging: batman-adv: Call unregister_netdev on failures to get rtnl lock
Staging: batman-adv: Don't call free_netdev twice
Staging: batman-adv: Don't allocate icmp packet with GFP_KERNEL

Takashi Iwai (2):
usb/gadget: Replace the old USB audio FU definitions in f_audio.c
ALSA: asihpi - Fix uninitialized variable

Takuya Yoshikawa (1):
binfmt_elf_fdpic: Fix clear_user() error handling

Tejun Heo (5):
sata_via: magic vt6421 fix for transmission problems w/ WD drives
sata_nv: don't diddle with nIEN on mcp55
SCSI: implement sd_unlock_native_capacity()
libata: use the enlarged capacity after late HPA unlock
libata: implement on-demand HPA unlocking

Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo (1):
fbdev: fix frame buffer devices menu

Theodore Ts'o (1):
ext4: Make sure the MOVE_EXT ioctl can't overwrite append-only files

Thomas Abraham (1):
USB: s3c: Enable soft disconnect during initialization

Thomas Hellstrom (6):
drm/vmwgfx: Add kernel throttling support. Bump minor.
drm/vmwgfx: Reserve first part of VRAM for framebuffer.
drm/vmwgfx: Remove some leftover debug messages.
drm/ttm: Fix cached TTM page allocation.
drm/ttm: Fix ttm_page_alloc.c
drm/vmwgfx: Fix vga save / restore with display topology.

Tiago Vignatti (2):
vgaarb: convert pr_devel() to pr_debug()
vgaarb: use MIT license

Tim Abbott (5):
Rename .data.cacheline_aligned to .data..cacheline_aligned.
Rename .data.init_task to .data..init_task.
powerpc: remove unused __page_aligned definition.
Rename .data.page_aligned to .data..page_aligned.
Rename .bss.page_aligned to .bss..page_aligned.

Tirumala Marri (1):
powerpc/44x: Adding PCI-E support for PowerPC 460SX based SOC.

Tobias Klauser (4):
drm/i915: Storage class should be before const qualifier
altera_uart: Don't take spinlock in already protected functions
altera_uart: Simplify altera_uart_console_putc
serial: altera_uart: Proper section for altera_uart_remove

Tony Luck (1):
i7core_edac: don't free on success

Uwe Kleine-König (7):
modpost: members of *driver structs should not point to __init functions
modpost: define ALL_XXX{IN,EX}IT_SECTIONS
modpost: give most mismatch constants a better name
modpost: pass around const struct sectioncheck * instead of enum mismatch
modpost: remove now unused NO_MISMATCH constant
modpost: make symbol white list a per mismatch type variable
modpost: don't allow *driver to reference .init.*

Vadim Bendebury (вб) (1):
menuconfig: wrap long help lines

Vasanthakumar Thiagarajan (1):
ath9k: Fix bug in the way "bf_tx_aborted" of struct ath_buf is used

Venkatesh Pallipadi (1):
ACPI: Eliminate us to pm ticks conversion in common path

Vernon Mauery (2):
Always call i7core_[ur]dimm_check_mc_ecc_err
Add support for Westmere to i7core_edac driver

Warren Bosworth Focke (1):
V4L/DVB: gspca - sonixj: Add webcam 0c45:60ce

Wolfram Sang (3):
of/powerpc: fix fsl_msi device node pointer
i2c/busses: Move two drivers to embedded section
i2c: Remove all i2c_set_clientdata(client, NULL) in drivers

Wu Zhangjin (1):
scripts/Makefile.lib: Align the output of LZO

Xiaotian Feng (1):
netfilter: don't xt_jumpstack_alloc twice in xt_register_table

Yegor Yefremov (1):
serial: add support for various Titan PCI cards

Yusuke Goda (1):
sh: Add support MMCIF for ecovec

Zhao Yakui (1):
ACPI: Fix the incorrect calculation about C-state idle time

Zhenyu Wang (3):
drm/i915: Fix HDMI mode select for Cougarpoint PCH
drm/i915: Fix PIPE_CONTROL command on Sandybridge
drm/i915: Unmask interrupt for render engine on Sandybridge

Zou Nan hai (4):
drm/i915: introduce intel_ring_buffer structure (V2)
drm/i915: convert some gem structures to per-ring V2
drm/i915: implement BSD ring buffer V2
drm/i915: add HAS_BSD check to i915_getparam (1):
staging: Add framebuffer driver for XGI chipsets (1):
kconfig: new configuration interface (nconfig)
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