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    SubjectAdditional info on modpost segfault
    Missed adding the actual segfault message:

    LD drivers/usb/built-in.o
    LD drivers/built-in.o
    LD vmlinux.o
    MODPOST vmlinux.o
    /bin/sh: line 1: 20665 Segmentation fault (core dumped)
    scripts/mod/modpost -o
    /home/alan/GitTrees/linux-2.6-mid-ref/Module.symvers -S vmlinux.o
    make[1]: *** [vmlinux.o] Error 139
    make: *** [vmlinux.o] Error 2

    I have looked at the gcc 4.4.4 changelog and I can't see anything that
    should cause this.

    Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense.

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