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SubjectRe: ARM defconfig files

On Thu, 3 Jun 2010, Russell King wrote:
> The problem comes with driver configuration, where you have to go
> through lots of menus to find all the drivers for the platform/SoC.
> That's the tedious bit, and more often than not it takes several
> attempts to get everything that's necessary.

It's often tedious for other cases too ("I just want to enable a
particular driver, what do I need to do so?"), and I do agree with Daniel
that the SAT solver approach sounds interesting as a way to solve some of
the complexities.

At the same time, "SAT solver" does scream "over-engineering failure" to
me. We've had horribly bad experiences with over-engineering in that space
before. Yes, I know about MiniSAT and that these things can be done
without necessarily huge amounts of complex code, but these things tend to
grow to huge monsters.

Who knows.


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