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SubjectRe: Hypervisor detection from within a Linux VM
On 06/29/2010 04:25 PM, Chetan Loke wrote:
> Hello,
> Requirement:
> I have the need to support my apps(running on a Linux VM) on different
> *nix hypervisors(ESX/Xen etc). I need to know on which hypervisor my
> app is running. I read the CPUID usage thread -
> but to be
> honest in the end I looked at
> The vmware_platform() detection code is straight forward.
> Current-hack:
> As a quick hack we just grep lspci for VMware's pci-ids.
> Solution:
> I can write a bare minimal driver, check the cpu-id as VMware's
> balloon driver does and then emit a proc/sysfs node. The setup
> packages and the apps can then check for this node-string.I'm
> currently working on ESX and I am hoping that this thin-driver will
> work.

It can be done entirely in userspace. Take a look at virt-what:

> Question:
> Q1)Is it possible to get this functionality as part of the stock
> kernel or is that a bad idea? I suspect there could be other
> users/apps who would need to know what *nix hypervisor(or a
> non-virtualized environment) they are
> running on?
> Q2)If this is not the right approach then can someone please suggest
> another approach?

It might be reasonable to list the hypervisor signature as a field in
/proc/cpuinfo. There's also a /sys/hypervisor where such information
could go.


Anthony Liguori

> Regards
> Chetan Loke
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